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You missed a Monday test 'cause you were sick-as-shit and you talked to your flighty-ass-laid-back-as-hell white dude microbiology teacher about making it up. And he says you can make it up whenever...shit, shut so long as it's before the end of the semester, he don't care.

So you're about to make it up tonight in the lab class (which is optional to go to tonight), but your mama insists that you bring your ass on home 'cause you're still sick and tired, and so one of the things you do when you get home is send that flighty ass teacher a Very Professional Student Email About Making Up The Test...

...And you know-you just know (if he remembers to get back to you) he gon' be like, "Yeah, sure kiddo. I told you whenever, didn' I? Feel better!"


That college feel.
amarie24: (Eating/entertained Misty Knight) anybody else kinda ready for spring? As well as for this back-and-forth global warming weather to just get better?

There's a reason this is the kind of weather that makes people sick. Ugh.

And don't get me wrong: I absolutely love the cold. I'm born-and-raised in the South, but I got my parents' northern blood in me. (Mommy is Chicago and Daddy is New York City.) It's just that I really, really wanna wear my spring/summer wardrobe now. I miss my flip flops and my light-and-airy blouses and my capris and my skirts and, yeah, my light-and-airy blouses.

C'mon, spring. I know it's barely outta February, but move your butt. -headdesk-

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So we’re doing the cardiovascular system in class last week and continuing on this week! On Thursday, we just got done with the heart chapter (I am so excited to gush about it to you guys, but first I gotta get ya’ll endocrine & blood!), and were reviewing in the beginning of class it before we went to blood vessels.

As part of our quick review, we went over in more detail on the force of the blood pumping through the heart and all throughout the arteries. So Mrs. A asked a question and it went like this:
Mrs. A: So what does it mean when one has high blood pressure? Hmm?

Me: -quietly- Uhhh…you have hypertension?

Mrs. A: -playfully glares down at me- I know that, Amarie. But what does it mean?!

Mrs. A, the whole class, & me: -bursts into laughter that lasts for a while-

Me, after a while: Oh, yeah! It means the heart is working too hard to pump blood and that can eventually cause wear and tear on the body.

Mrs. A: -gives me that Speshul Smile just for me- Correct, Amarie! Now…

Yeah, I just had to share that-I thought it was funny, teehee! And again, I am so very excited to finally be in the cardiovascular system right now! We started on blood vessels, which is a pretty long but easy chapter. Gah, it’s so terrible-I be so excited while I’m studying at home that I’m wasting time gushing to myself (and to Mommy when she’s awake) about this body system.

Did I ever tell ya’ll that my dream job is to be a cardio nurse? Yes, if I can get into this program and graduate from it, it is my deepest desire to be a cardio nurse for the cardiovascular system is my favorite system and fascinates me endlessly.

Amarie still dreams.

But the biggest thing, though? Ya’ll know that this coming Tuesday is February 14th, Valentine’s Day, yes? Well, Tuesday is when I have my Anatomy & Physiology II lab in the afternoon…

…And ya’ll, we are going to dissect a heart.

On Valentine’s Day.

I repeat: we are going to dissect a heart on Valentine’s Day.

Let it be known that in my 25th year of life, never before have I encountered such hilarious irony as now.

Oh my god, LOLOL!

Also, happy pre-Valentine’s Day to all my valentines out there! I love ya’ll and may you all be warm, safe, & happy this February! –blows a kiss to all of you- :D :D

Note to Self

Wednesday, February 8th, 2017 07:12 pm
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A’ight. First two test grades from microbiology are 92 and 94 (...that’s about the best I can do with this fool ass white dude teacher).

First test grade from anatomy & physiology II is a trademark 97.

Friday morning in the TEAS test and we creamin’ the study book from the library.

Next stop, nursing school this fall semester.

Keep it up, Amarie. Keep it up.

You got this.

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May your team, be it Patriots or Falcons, win tonight! :D :D

(Uhh...I'm black and from the South, tho. So I gotta go with my Falcons. No hard feelings, y'know?)

Also, some tips from a former-medical-assistant-and-would-be-nursing-student:

-If you're gonna hit the spicy hot wings, fries, etc., please be sure to drink lotsa water, too! It isactually possible to irritate your gastrointestinal (GI) tract with too many spicy foods. (Yes, this goes for us people of color-not just white people.)

-When the commercials come on and you have to use the bathroom, use the bathroom. Your bladder loves you very much and yes, it's designed to stretch to accommodate different volumes of urine (it's why we call the bladder tissue "transitional epithelium"), but it's still good to go ahead and go when you need to!

-If you'll be sitting for most of the game, try to stand up and stretch your limbs a bit. No need for cramps! And contrarily, if you're standing, be sure to sit down and get off your feet for a while.

-Are you wearing your team's hat? Make sure that it's not too tight on your head so you don't run the risk of headaches!

-And last but not least, have a blast and may the best team win!! :D



I Have a Request

Friday, January 20th, 2017 03:31 pm
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See, ever since we got our wittle Dante about four and a half years ago? Mommy's always been his valentine, y'know? I ask her, but apparently Dante's always already gotten to ask her first and she's always accepted.

And I'm left out in the dust. It is so unfair. I mean, Dante ain't even got thumbs to make and write her a card!

So my request is this: will someone please be my valentine? You ain't gotta fill out an application, buy me a card, flowers, or a box of chocolates. Ain't gotta do none of that.

Just lemme know if you can be my valentine, pretty please with a bright red cherry on top.

--Amarie, who's once again overshadowed by her cat
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A'ight,'re the very first system we gon' cover this semester in both Anatomy & Physiology II lecture and lab.

A'ight, fine.

But see? When we're talkin' about the skeletal system...that's all in the bones. When we're talking about muscles, that's all in muscles. Nervous system, that's the brain and the many peripheral systems of nerves stemming from and to the brain. Integumentary system is just skin, hair, and nails.

Like, there's a pattern here. There's an easy, designated place that everyone else is in.

But the thing about you with your skank ass?

Endocrine system, you are all over the place. For fuck's sake, you got the hypothalamus (The Big Dawg) up in the brain. And below that, you have the pituitary gland-and then you have the posterior and anterior parts of the gland, haha!

And don't even nobody started on your goddamned pineal gland (what basically puts us to sleep).

But you're not done yet. Next you got your friggin' thyroid gland in the throat. Adrenal gland on top of each kidney. And a freakin' pancreas that I thought was in the upper left quadrant of the abdomen.


Endocrine system, you are all over the place. And so I come to you asking you this: make up your freakin' mind.

Jesus Lord have mercy.

Imma get an A on you, tho. Imma cream you on my tests. Imma do it.

--Amarie, who should be in bed
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Safe Café (9148 words) by AmarieMelody
Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: Captain America (Movies)
Rating: Teen And Up Audiences
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Relationships: Sam Wilson/Steve Rogers
Characters: Sam Wilson, Steve Rogers, Darlene Wilson, Sarah Rogers
Additional Tags: Grief, Healing, coffee shop AU, Alternate Universe - No Powers, Mention of gun violence, mention of war

Sam and Steve recently lost their fathers. It is within the haven of a coffee shop that they begin to teach each other how to smile again.

Healing/coffee shop AU.

Whew! Did this for the SamSteve Gift Exchange 2017. I...don't quite feel that it's my best work, but here we go! :D

Happy MLK Day

Monday, January 16th, 2017 06:45 pm
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And here Imma share what is still my favorite discovered MLK speech, Somebody Told a Lie One Day.

Yes, I'm black. I'm proud of it. I'm black and beautiful.

Happy, happy birthday to you, my dear sir. May you rest in peace and power.


Hi, there!

Tuesday, January 10th, 2017 01:48 pm
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OMFG, I'm typing this from my tablet in lab class, teehee!!!! This is so much fun!!

--Amarie, The Dork
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I. Am. In. Black. Girl. Heaven.

Like, first, I was already excited because my microbiology class starts at 6 o'clock in the evening and this is the very first time in my life that I ever had an evening class!! -SQUEE!!-

But ya'll...I walked into that was like a fuckin' sea. Of. Black. Women. Only a sprinkling of white witches, lord have mercy.

I sat right smack down in the front right with them (I didn't speak, tho-Amarie can be shy, since she's an ambivert) and basically in the middle of them. So, so many black women. All of them a beautiful rainbow of brown shades and differing hairstyles. Natural 'fros, wigs, sew-ins, more natural 'fros, braids, etc...

It was much the same with my microbiology lab not fifteen minutes later (Mommy drove me quickly through the parking lot so I wouldn't have to walk in the freezing cold dark, teehee!). Black. Women. All. Over. The. Place.

And by the almighty lord, may it be much the same for the rest of the week!!!!

--Amarie, in Black Girl Heaven

P.S Umm...also, I ain't told no one this because I'm still processing it. But, of my dear friends' family bought me a motherfucking Windows tablet for Christmas because they know my broke ass ain't got shit. I have named her "Pinky" because I put her main page (?) background as pink. Her internet didn't work (...Microsoft, why on the lord's green earth are you still fucking with Internet Explorer?), but I just got her working not a few minutes ago!

I am so happy and excited to take her with me to class tomorrow so I can follow my notes!! :D :D

P.S.S My microbiology teacher? The dude is your typical Dorky/Geeky White Boy Wearing Plaid With Square Glasses And Always Cracking Jokes teacher. He is awesome and I love him already!!
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I can't wait-I'm so excited! And I hope I'm always excited for school for as long as I go!

It's Anatomy & Physiology II and Microbiology! Nursing school, here we come!! :D :D


Edit: Also, I am so sorry that I haven't gotten to everything that I was going to write. I had a whole lot more than I expected going on and I underestimated just how tired I was. But! At least I got a lil fanfiction out with...two more to come, yes? Yay!

Love you all!!

So Today...

Tuesday, January 3rd, 2017 06:06 pm
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Me: -Helping my sister and her ain't-shit-deadbeat-fretfully-idiotic-lump-of-intertia-with-organs boyfriend move all their shit out of our house and into their only car so they can move faster and take their 9-month-old baby, my nephew home with them-

My sister & the idiot: Aww, thanks for helping us! It's really kind of you and we really appreciate it!

Me, externally: Oh, no problem and you're more than welcome! My pleasure!

Me, internally: Naw, I and Mommy just want ya'll and all your figurative and literal mess to giddafuckoutta our house as fast as possible and once and for all.

I don't quite want to get into it now. But long story short, it has been one of the longest three and a half days of mine and Mommy's lives while my sister continues to sadly act a damn fool. Also, I was on baby duty quite often (including today) and, uhh...

Amarie. Doesn't. Do. Babies. And. Young. Children.

I can fake it 'till I make it (cause that's shitty to be a douchebag to children), but boy am I glad that I ain't got one a'them and sure as fuck never will.

Like, this is the reason why I am catastrophically behind on my writing and for that, I sincerely and deeply apologize. Kinda hard to concentrate when a Drooling Menace To Society (yes, I call him that) is sobbing up a storm during naptime in your living room.

Ugh. Mommy and I are free at last today.

Just...ya'll, the older I get and the more shit I gotta deal with and the more I grow/change and acknowledge parts of myself? The more I realize that I am a Libra with a sinister, shady side that's very, very quiet behind my external friendliness and charm. I am so a Libra with dapples of the ugly parts of my mama's Scorpio.

Alas, I deny it no longer.

Happy New Year!

Sunday, January 1st, 2017 11:32 am
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May this year be bigger, brighter, & better for all of you and yours!!!


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