Happy New Year!

Sunday, January 1st, 2017 11:32 am
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May this year be bigger, brighter, & better for all of you and yours!!!

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I found my old Tobey Maguire!Spiderman VHS tapes! We have the 1st and 2nd ones on the VHS and the 3rd one, which I do not care for, is on DVD.

I've been looking for my beloved first two for years and I'm having a [slightly time-wasting, haha] blast re-watching them! It's been years and years and years; this is the Spider Man of my childhood. It's incredible what I see, what I think, what I feel now that I am an adult at 25-years-old.

So I'm just wondering, umm...

Would ya'll like it if I started a little series where I simply speak my thoughts and feelings on my re-watching? Tag it "Amarie Re-watches Spidey 1" and "Amarie Re-watches Spidey 2"?

I got so many nostalgic thoughts and feelz. Lemme know what ya'll think!!

And a happy holiday to one and to all!! -hugs-

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Has anyone ever told Optimus Prime that he has a big butt? And not just a big butt in that he's a giant Transformer from Cybertron-no, he has a big butt for a Transformer?

Like, it's just...it's huge.

Optimus Prime has a big butt.

Couple Updates

Sunday, December 11th, 2016 04:18 pm
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1.) Uhhh...we truly don't have to move after all...at least not for another year. Holy freakin' shit, ya'll must think my life is a soap opera by now. I know I most certainly do. Long story short, we couldn't find another place that fit us, Mommy was this close to crying, she went down to the office and told them what's what...and they said they'd work with her. Our rent will, indeed, not go up to $1,000+, but will stay at a nice, pretty $802 for the time being.

...And we can afford that. So we are, thankfully, staying right. Where. We. Are. My goodness.

Mommy and I think that they're more than willing to work with us because, 1.) so many other people have moved out, and so their business is getting hit bad and, 2.) Mommy is a good tenant that doesn't give them too much shit (but also doesn't let them roll over her).

Uhh, I...still can't quite believe it myself.

2.) Another Awesome Sauce Sharing post is coming up!! It's gon' be late, but hang in there!

3.) I finally figured out the wifi just late last night! Basically, all I needed to do was log into our cable provider's free wifi and...voila! I already downloaded my favorite Cooking Dash onto Bleepy (it's free!) and I can't wait to browse and download so, so many more things!

4.) Fanfiction is coming up, too, loves. Wonderful, wonderful fanfiction. Teehee! Stay tuned!

Edit: 5.) Whoops! Forgot to mention that the anatomy & physiology sharing will continue!!!! Still got subjects to share from the end of the semester, so look out for that, too!!

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I just checked my final grades online.

I made my A's.

I made my two A's in my lecture and lab classes.

I...I just...I'm tryna not to sob and make a mess of myself. I know next semester is gonna be hell-times-two, but currently, there's just this weight lifted off of me. Mommy is affectionately rolling her eyes at me because I stressed out over that B on that one test, and wittle Dante is looking at me like I'm something new.

Holy fucking shit, I did it.

I made my A's.

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Note: I been wanting to say this for a while, now. And yes, I am hopelessly laughing.

Under my Blackout Day picture this time...I done stopped saying, "Hey, if you have any selfies, please share them in the comments!"

And y'know why? 'Cause almost ain't nobody ever share their selfies for Blackout Day in my comments.

And y'know why that is? Because so, so many of ya'll are white.

Whitey McWhite. Midwest White. Drink-Milk-Everyday-White. Cheese-Sandwich-White.

Ya'll can either get a tan in the sun or you outright burn in the sun. Hell, ya'll'd probably get sunburn from just the phone's camera flash if you tried to participate in Blackout Day.

So, so, so, so many of my blogging friends are white. Be it Dreamwdith, Ana Mardoll's Ramblings, or Shakesville...ya'll are all so white. I love and appreciate every last one of ya'll, but Jesus Christ. I've had this blog since 2011 and been hanging out at Ana Mardoll's since about 2008, but...how did it ever get to this point? My goodness.

I have a party over on Tumblr on Blackout Days, but I ain't got next to nobody over here to do Blackout Day with. My god.

Ain't nobody to do Blackout Day selfies with me over here. Ya'll are all so white.


-still, truly laughing helplessly-
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I don't quite have a whole lotta spoons to talk much right now, but...here is a petition from Change.org.

It's a huge, huge petition for the Electoral College, which officially meets to cast their votes on December 19th, to officially elect Hillary Clinton as President of the United States of America. It is a petition for the Electoral College to abide by the people's wishes (Hillary Clinton won our popular vote fair and square), even if it goes against their particular state. You'll see at just a glance that it's already quickly nearing 3 million signatures from supporters and that number is climbing by the minute.

I and a whole lotta other people know it's a long shot. A very, very, very long shot. But the worst thing that can happen is what is already happening.

Ain't nobody got anything left to lose at this point and I, for one, don't have a whole lot of room in my life to lose all hope and stop fighting.

So please, if you can just spare a few minutes of your time, sign this petition and lets see if we can get true hope and justice roaring back to life in this country again. Pretty please with a cherry on top.


How Ya'll Doin'?

Thursday, November 10th, 2016 06:53 pm
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I admit I'm kinda glued to my computer, constantly looking for glimmers of hope and reassurances. I fully admit that I'm still in a bit of denial; I'm still waiting to wake up and see that the white woman won.

I all but don't feel safe to go out in public and, yes, I worry when Mommy goes out to go to work for sure. Thankfully, nothing has happened.

Umm...so time to be positive, yeah? Time to take care of ourselves, huh? I got shit to study and shit to write; much work to do, no matter what happens.

So how are ya'll doin' in the meantime, hmm?

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Mark it in your calendars , loves! Mark it in your calendars! Imma probably do something Christmas-themed. -SQUEE!!-

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You made your third straight 97 in the lecture class for the semester. And you teacher still be giving you those smiles.

And then your Mommy treats you to Captain D's afterward.

Ahhh, what a good feeling.


In Lighter News!

Thursday, October 20th, 2016 05:45 am
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Ya'll remember that cute, cute, smexxy guy in my class with the gorgeous twists? Well, in yesterday's class, before Mrs. A came in to give us our test? I caught his eye from across the class, smiled at him, and he smiled and waved at me!!!

He waved at me! OMFG!!!

Can you believe it?!

...And then I just smiled wider and went back to reviewing my notes. 'Cause I'm chicken.

But when I got in the car with Mommy after the test and I told her, she went, "Well, why don't you say more than five words to him? Why don't you even ask him his name? Just say, 'hey, we have a class together, but I don't know your name and you don't know mine. So hi there, I'm Amarie.' Why don't you just say that?"

Mother. I am shy. I am nerdy. I am geeky. And I am probably way, way too young for him.

Plus men are trash. Alas, I and a great many other women have been deeply disappointed over and over again to find men far and wide (whether we ourselves are interested or not) to be either just not stepping up to the plate at best (i.e, what are dishes? what is laundry?) or to be outright abusive at worst.

This one is surely trash in one or way or another, too.

So best to admire this one from afar.

Yes, I shall admire from afar.



But he waved at me!!!!

-falls on my bed and squeals-

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That Amarie cannot successfully attempt a sunny-side-up egg for breakfast without the yolk staying...yucky and runny and nasty.

Yes, let it be known. Let it be known.

Imma stick with scrambled eggs from now on.


Oh My God...

Saturday, September 24th, 2016 06:32 am
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I hope ya'll don't mind, but...

I'm 25-years-old today. Oh my god. Oh my god.

"Twenty-five" is a nice number, but where did the time go?! Teehee!!

But among other things, that means it's lobster night again at my house! (Go through my food tag if you'd like to see when I first made my very own lobster tails!) Birthday night is lobster night! Yay!

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I'm still exhausted, but also oh-so happy and proud of myself!!! :D :D :D

(...Uhh...it was also the highest grade in the class, along with another girl that got a 97, too. But Imma mostly hush on that, 'kay? 'Kay.)


P.S I'm sorry, but I'm so happy that I had to share! Hope ya'll don't mind!


Saturday, September 3rd, 2016 09:12 pm
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You know Autumn is already here or at least on its way when a heavy rain came the day before, and then you can open the windows early on in the day to let a nice, fresh cool breeze in through the house.

Ahhh...feels so, so very good. I love Autumn.



Monday, April 25th, 2016 04:50 pm
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Ya'll, Beyoncé's Lemonade album is on iTunes, now!! You can even buy the whole Lemonade video on there, too!!!! -SQUEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!-

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Flashing Gif Warning

Mommy stood behind me while I clicked through the options! Umm...can you tell that she insisted on the cat because of Dante? :P

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Flashing/moving gif warning

Ya'll! Ya'll!! I iz a Powah Puff Gal!! I iz, I iz!!! Just look at me! Look at me! Look at all a'dis black gal magic! -SQUEE!-

You all can make yourselves your own Powerpuff avatars right here if you like! I especially love that they have a ton of natural hair options for us black people! YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY!!!!! Share your Powerpuffs in the comments, too? :D :D :D


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-throws rainbow confetti in the air-

Anybody wanna talk about important black people, events, time periods both then and now?

I'll start by commemorating the LGBTQIA activist Ms. Marsha P. Johnson! She was a transgender black woman who was one of the revolutionary big players in starting the Stonewall Riots, which led into what we know as Pride Parades today. (TW: transphobia)

May you rest in power, Ms. Marsha P. Johnson! :D


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