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Thursday, June 22nd, 2017 11:15 pm
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 All right folks, this time it isn't me that need help. My household, my pack, my coven, my kids are moving. And there is an urgent need for $200 (by Monday if possible), and a necessity of about $500 more.

As always, I don't ask for charity. I offer goods for sale:

1) Any Angelia Sparrow ebooks can be had for $2. The list is at Drop the money in the valarltd Paypal with a list of titles.

2) I will be doing tarot readings until Monday. $1 for a 1 card pull, $5 for a 5 card, and $15 for a 15 card reading.

3) I will take on a limited number of knitting and crochet custom orders. Now's your shot for that Ravenclaw scarf or the Dr. Who one. Or you know, just a pretty shawl for Mom, or custom holiday stockings.

4) Ollie Sparrow is taking art commissions. Prices negotiable.

5) Ollie Sparrow is also doing custom tails and ears. Ears start at $15, tails at $25

6) Gabriel Rodgers is offering custom book covers. Prices negotiable

7) Gabriel Rodgers is offering editing services. 1/2 cent a word, complete content and line edit.

8) Kevin Rodgers says if anyone wants video of a furry fat dude getting raunchy, he's available for reasonable rates

Post-Apocalyptic Society Guide: The Past Is Not Past

Thursday, June 22nd, 2017 12:45 pm
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Note: The next tip will be about leaving the past in the past. It may be confusing, but details will clear things up.

One of the reasons that this society that exists at the time I write this tip is a pre-apocalyptic society is that we long for a fresh start. In a part of our collective psychology, we have a desire to burn the whole thing to the ground and start anew, as though the whole thing never happened.
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1984 Deconstruction: Part 24

Monday, June 19th, 2017 12:40 pm
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Well, if I wanted to get through this deconstruction with any kind of speed, Orwell helped me out. In Chapter five, not much happens. Syme disappears, to be commented on by some on the first day, then not commented on at all. The rest of the chapter is focused on re-establishing what we already know.

The rented room is, psychologically, very important to Winston. The owner of the antiques shop likes to talk about the past and Winston has imbued the past with a spirit that I don't think it really deserves. We rehash the fact of Winston having, for a few minutes, had that picture of people who had been vaporized. Julia doesn't care about such things. Despite viewing the Party to be a bunch of liars, she doesn't think to reject what they say except where the Party touches on her life. Winston outright tells Julia that she's only a rebel from the waist down and she finds that brilliantly witty.

Most of that is told in somewhat florid exposition. In storytelling, there's "show, don't tell". Well, I get the impulse to tell. It's quicker. It's easier. In writing, it's hard to be exactly clear on what you want your readers and/or audience to know and to never actually tell them. But, what am I complaining about? I get to move on.
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Future timeline

Sunday, June 18th, 2017 12:47 am
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 This is not Word of God. This is a rough draft. If you are a Nikolai fan, and see a problem. tell me
Eight Thrones Timeline
2010: Steven born, Sept 2, James born June 12
2035: Linda Hummingbird born
2040: Bloody Friday, July 13. David Born Feb 14 of this year
2041: CS forms
2045: Complete dissolution
2046: US pulls it together
2051: Color outlawed in CS, June 19. Gayness outlawed, June 28.
2052: The Cooper-Young Cairn in Memphis created
2053: Tanis born April 15
2057: Chuck Hummingbird born
2060: Second Trail of Tears
2064: Valerio born December 9
2069: Anthony born August 2
2071: Nick born Nov 7
2091: Anthony Hatcher taken into the Ligatos Group 
2092: Brother Anthony Winters assassinated on live TV
2093: religious pamphlet date.  Nikolai Revenant: Nov 2093
April 2094: Kentucky rejoins the US
Oct 2094: Glad Hands/Opening Master Anton
Summer 95: Most of Master Anton

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Saturday, June 17th, 2017 01:13 am
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I am so fucking sick of being depressed and in pain and feeling hopeless.

Radom work thoughts

Friday, June 16th, 2017 12:16 pm
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Finished The City. (Cyberfunk dystopian funtimes! Didn't bring another book (or my lunch...or...).

It turns out I can use the computer system here because they have a guest logon! Wheeee!!!

Except in the classroom I'm actually assigned to, because all the computers are for students. Woe. (Using it now because there's no class during this lunch break...)

But this dude has a copy of Feminist Science Teaching, which seems pretty rad, so I am reading it and want to get a copy to read more. I want to take notes but I didn't bring any paper and can't find any.

Students have to read an article about ethical implications of marketing human genetic selection.

Personally I think if we end the world it'll be by fucking with the genomes of insects or maybe plants. Hell, we've already ended some worlds that way...

Not that there aren't plenty of shitty things capitalism and racism and whatnot can do with human genetic manipulation. They just don't seem significantly different to me from things horrible things we've already been doing with medicine and technology for centuries?

And cultural systems like racism are technologies too... "Science" too, obvs, as discussed in the book...

Odd thoughts

Thursday, June 15th, 2017 08:53 pm
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I watched The Frisco Kid tonight and had two weird revelations, that oddly will tie together for people who know me well.

This is a capture from the film:
 photo FriscoKid8_zpsjoz7zkig.jpeg

This is my husband:
 photo IMAGE_152.jpg

I've had a raging Gene Wilder crush since I was 15. And the juxtaposition explains so much...
Same eyes, same face shape, same coloring, same beard

Second, Terence McNally stole a bit of choreography from this film.

At the end of Love! Valour! Compassion!, the guys are practicing Swan Lake for a benefit. James Jekyll, who is in late stage AIDS, does exactly what Avram does. They guys make on pass and two and on the third there's a gap where James has collapsed. I gasped a bit at that recognition.

Scene I'd Like to See: It's a Wonderful Matrix

Wednesday, June 14th, 2017 01:25 am
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Setting: Black and white small town. The snow is heavy and cold. On a bridge, a George Bailey stands looking over the edge and thinking dark thoughts.

A voice speaks behind him.: I know what you're thinking, Mr. Bailey.

Startled, George Bailey turns around to see a man in a work-suit and wearing sunglasses.

George Bailey: Who... who are you?

Agent Smith: My friends may, sometimes, call me Htreet. But, you might feel better calling me Agent Smith.
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Monday, June 12th, 2017 11:39 am
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Hat tip to [personal profile] ysabetwordsmith, who pointed toward this channel.

1984 Deconstruction: Part 23 A Confusing Kink

Monday, June 12th, 2017 01:46 am
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Here we have another short chapter and even one where we can move quickly past the first bit. Winston rents that one room he thought about earlier and worries more... because that's what Winston does, now, worry.

From inside, his room, he hears a woman, working on some laundry, singing a song. With that, we get a bit more (absence of) color on the nation of Oceana.

The tune had been haunting London for weeks past. It was one of countless similar songs published for the benefit of the proles by a sub-section of the Music Department. The words of these songs were composed without any human intervention whatever on an instrument known as a versificator. But the woman sang so tunefully as to turn the dreadful rubbish into an almost pleasant sound.

There's a quick bit in which Julia informs Winston that they can't meet for "the usual reason. It's started early this time." Winston quickly cycles through feeling angry at being denied something he needs to remembering that this is a biological reaity to wishing that they had been married for ten years (perhaps, in part, so that he would be more intimately familiar with, and able to provide appropriate support, these kinds of issues). It's not much to note but, judging this on the curve you need to apply to Winston, this is pretty good social and emotional maturity.

Then, we move on to the bit that has me interested and, quite frankly, confused.
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I would watch a whole series of Amazons Doin' Things.

I should probably rewatch Xena?

I am strongly in favor of more archers vs. guns, etc.
Different tech and different tactics and fighting styles.

And I'm not against more magical guns. That was used to good effect in The Knights of Breton Court, (tho not the cover art?) and it makes sense and doesn't get used enough.

Guns aren't that great when you run out of bullets.

Guns aren't that great if sand and mud fuck them up.

For a long time guns weren't very accurate.

The guns vs. arrows and using what you can get well points were made well in Suriyothai, with bonus war elephants and bonus awesome everything gahhhh I need more movies like that and a new copy cuz I only had it on VHS.

But anyway, stories that take place in that long span of time are interesting.

I think Changa's Safari does? Anyway it's super awesome and you should all read it and it needs to be a bunch of movies or a TV series.

Superhero movies do magic swords and you-call-it-magic-we-call-it-science spears etc. Non-magic other kinds of weapons in modern times are good too.

Sticks are good.

Does no one have a magical baseball bat?

Tip #79 Examine What You Really Believe

Friday, June 9th, 2017 07:22 pm
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No, I'm not saying you're a secret Christian any more than I appreciate others saying that I'm a secret theist. I am asking you to examine what beliefs would make sense in light of certain actions and motivations. We, the non-believers, do that examination. And, it doesn't always work out like you want.

By analogy, imagine you're new at a job working under one of two supervisors. One supervisor, the supervisor everybody claims is the supervisor, is a great supervisor. This supervisor knows who's being productive, cares to get to know ground-level employees as individuals, plays no favorites and is not susceptible to smarm or flattery. This is the supervisor everybody talks about.

Then, there's the supervisor that everybody seems to respond to. Most everybody is careful to, at any moment, look busy. Your fellow employees actually take this as a priority over productivity. Your fellow employees are so careful to avoid being caught saying something critical or insulting of the supervisor that they even refuse to acknowledge that obvious abuses of power or failures of management would be such abuses or failures if the supervisor did them.
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