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I still can't believe my anatomy & physiology lab practical was my last freakin' one. Lord have mercy!!!

(...I just hope that I made straight A's, tho. I'm hand-wringing in general. Now just to wait for the acceptance or rejection letter...)

Welp! Time for writing and Sims! :D :D :D
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WOOOOHOOOOO! *throws confetti*

Congratulations, Amarie! I bet you did really good.
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EXCELLENT! I'm so glad that you're done, and I bet you did brilliantly.
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Oh, thank you! It was created by someone called Ushitora, and they had a blog called ushitora_icons. (They may still, but that was back on LJ, before it fell under Russian law.)
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P.S. I need a Finn icon. Or a Finnrey one.

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That feeling you're feeling, right now? That's called decompression. You've only just started. You must complete it. It is an essential of self-care.
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*\o/* *\o/* *\o/*

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Yaaaaay, you made it through! You didn't burn up so much brain power that you forgot how to get to your exams! You didn't pass out and wake up to find it was over! You didn't accidentally get abducted by aliens before reaching your goal! You made it!
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Woohoo! \o/
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Congratulations, you passed through the last of it and have come out the other side. Given that you have been doing so well so far, I predict excellent grades and an acceptance letter.