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Ya'll know that feeling when for a long, long time, you had so much shit to do? Shit that had deadlines and a whole host of other things outta your control? And it felt like time wasn't yours because you were just so busy, busy, busy, busy all the time?

And as a result, you always more or less had your day's activities planned down to the hour, including how many hours of sleep you'd get?

But then...that time is over for the moment. Now time is all yours and you thought you'd jump on the ball doing whatever you need and want to do on your own time. But...

Instead, you're kinda [happily] flailing because you kinda forgot what it's like for your day to be yours? So you're doing little things here and there, just, like...enjoying time slowing down for the moment. And you're also kinda sorta numb because you almost thought this would never come to pass.

Just...flailing around, like a happy bird.

Ya'll know that feeling?

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...don't read today's news till the happy has worn off on its own
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I appreciate that.

I was just thinking, I am glad you're happy, I value your happiness, I want to prolong that state of being the only way I know how right now... :P

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Oh, always. The emergency situation passes and I think about how I'll get onto all the things I couldn't do while I was so busy, and instead I find myself just... sitting and reading. Or wandering around the house realising I don't have to go anywhere, but not able to remember how to notice what I really want to do.

I had a mid-week day off this week, after a very busy month, and I just could not get my nose out of a book. I had a nice seat on the couch by the window with autumn sun coming in, and Monty came to snuggle up on my lap and purr to me. I would highly recommend this course of action (inaction!), perhaps in a nice shady spot if that's more suited to your weather. After that I played computer games half the afternoon!
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Having time off is usually used to just decompress from everything and do small fun things. I need dedicated time if before I start really doing things that take time and effort.