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Here's Dante on Mommy's bed, waiting for her to come back home from work! I got right up to him, snapped the picture and, as you can see, he looked at me the whole time like, "Yeah, lady, you better snap that picture like I'm the best model you've ever seen. Damn straight."

Then, Dante still on Mommy's bed, studiously ignoring me to give himself a bath as I try to take another picture, haha!

It was thunderstorming like every other afternoon for about a week or two and poor wittle Dante can get scared of thunderstorms. So nowadays, he's taken to hanging out in my closet...after knocking over one of our family's old suitcases so he can lay atop it and sleep. That suitcase really is old-it's been around ever since way, way back in the day with my father was still alive and I wasn't even born yet. Ain't this wittle white boy one of the cutest you've ever seen?!

Dante tired out on my bed after a session of playing. That wand you see there? I got it for him for his birthday this April. My baby is four-freakin'-years-old...I ain't signed up for this shit. I ain't. :(

And here's Dante in the middle of action when he's playing. Lord, this child is a boil-and-simmer cat. I flew close to the sun like Icarus to capture this shot, LOL!

Hope you all enjoyed! :D :D :D

Behold Wittle Dante!

Wednesday, March 30th, 2016 03:07 pm
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I took this one about two nights ago, friends! He's looking up at me from his wittle cat house, just chillin'. We are so, so very glad that he's safe and sound back home and we thank all of you again so much for all the help, support and suggestions! Thankies oh-so much!

Dante thanks you, too! :D :D :D

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Mama was sitting on the edge of her bed, praying and hoping again. And something just told her to turn and look and voila! Dante was peering at her through the open window! She exclaimed, "Dante!" and he jumped right back through the window like nothing happened!

I think he must've come back because Socchan over at Shakesville suggested that I put my oft-worn jacket outside along with one of his pallets together in a bin. Not far from that, we put water out for him, too. It wasn't even a whole hour since we did that when he came back!

Holy shit, my baby is back! My baby is safe and okay! (Mommy still wants to make a vet appointment for him, though. Just in case.) No torn ears, lost eyes, limping, etc.! He'll surely eat and drink soon and leave me a glorious present in the litter box! Holy fucking shit, I can breathe again!!!!

Thank you SO MUCH to everyone for the well-wishes, suggestions and advice! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!!

P.S. Yes, this white boy is grounded. No tuna for a month from me!!!
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Since presumably last evening. Long story short, it's most-likely a story about an open window. Mommy called the police (don't worry-it was a nice white lady that promised to keep looking out for him & she'll check back with us Monday) and...still no Dante around.

So my cat is missing.

Plus, they're still doing all of this dangerous construction in and around the apartments, so added bonus for it being unsafe and scary for Dante.

I'm don't know if I'm more numb or more tired. I just...I don't know.

I just want to go to sleep right now.

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I present to you the Christmas Wrapping Fiend (CWF), dears. He is no one other than my wittle cat, Dante. Ya’ll excuse our messy ass apartment:

You see the destruction? You see the carnage? You see it? No, really, do you see it?!

I took these last evening after a long, long day of post-Christmas shopping with my mommy. You see, people like mommy and me are kinda poor and so we do post-Christmas shopping for our friends & family and splurge a little on ourselves, too (I got glorious Santa chocolates, a new Transformers book & quite a few Batman: The Animated Series movies…yaaaass). It was a long day that was way, way too motherfucking hot (fuck you very much, Koch brothers & Co.), but otherwise a pretty good day.

So we come home and I take it upon myself to go ahead and wrap and bag the Christmas presents in the living room (which is where the pictures take place) while I’m watching my new Batman movies. Now, Dante isn’t all that difficult when I’m bagging presents-tissue paper and Christmas bags don’t interest him too much.

But when I got on the living room floor to start wrapping? Like with just about all cats…all bets were off. Dante pounced on the wrapping paper and ripped it up and put holes in it with his teeth and claws. He spread out all over the boxes like they were his territory. And he did this right when I already had the wrapping paper all measured out and ready to cut and tape! Gah! The nerve of him! Every freakin’ year, ya’ll!

I called for Mommy to come and help me and she did, bless her. It was just so hilarious: she took one of the wrapping papers (which were one of the ones I wanted to use) and tried to push Dante off my work area like that. Instead, he grabbed onto it, biting and kicking it…so she ended up just dragging him into her room by it because he wouldn’t let the damned thing go. And then she had to crack open the door just a tad to slip me the wrapping paper back.

And then? All the while I’m working on wrapping the presents, Dante’s wittle paw kept reaching under my mommy’s bedroom door because he could hear the paper and he wanted what was his.

I finally finished and Mommy let Dante out. Ya’ll, I kid you not, I couldn’t throw away the excess wrapping paper for anything because Dante started playing with it, lying on it, guarding it, etc.

The wrapping paper is still on the floor.

He is still doing such right now as I type this.

And so, again just like every year, we leave the leftover wrapping paper for him until he’s fully done with it.

I kid you not.

I won the battle, but I lost the war.

Ya’ll, this little white boy is a Christmas Wrapping Fiend (CWF).

Do ya’ll have any post-holiday stories to share? Especially if they involve animals and wrapping and/or bagging presents? Good, bad, everything in-between, please feel free to share!

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