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Trigger warning: food

Pictures and customary Amarie squeeing below. )
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-ahem- It is vital information for you all to know that your Amarie was gifted tapioca pudding for the first time in her life, courtesy of her mother.

Yes, a few days ago was my first-ever personal encounter with tapioca pudding! I have to say that it is delightfully delicious! It also has a fascinating texture that I'd never encountered before in other pudding and,'s the conversation with my mommy on that one:

Mommy: Amarie, are you enjoying your tapioca pudding? If you are, I'll get you some more next time I go to the store.

Me: Oh, yes, Mommy! Thanks! It's pretty yummy and it has these cute little bubble things in it, too!

Mommy: -not even shocked at her daughter by this point- Oh, honey, that's the tapioca itself. :D

Me: -would look into the camera like I'm one The Office, but...-

...Your Amarie is one of a kind, dears. Just one of a kind.


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Squee! Last night was my first-ever homemade lobster night! On her last grocery shopping trip, Mommy saw some lobster on sale for $5 each, and so it was a great opportunity to make my own lobster tails at home! Yay!

I used this video for learning how to bake it because, uhhh…I’m not too big on broiling.

I found the video to be very easy to follow (and the lady has her most adorable little boy helping her out!) and I watched it about three times before I finally started making my own lobster tails. I wanted to be extra careful and not ruin them because, well…lobster ain’t cheap, y’know?

I thought I’d share a couple of things that I did differently than the video showed. My lobster tails still turned out to be wonderfully delicious:

1. When thawing and washing them in water, I didn’t use any salt and I…guess I didn’t tell the difference in the end. Just some nice, plain cold water in a bowl in the sink. Yep, yep.

2. I cut just a tad farther down the tail than she did because mine still had their fins on the end and so there was more meat that I could pull out. But again-just a tad because I didn’t want the whole thing to fall apart.

3. I used different seasonings, too. We don’t have seafood seasoning and I’m not a big fan of paprika. So I just used some regular Ms. Dash seasoning and just a tad bit of garlic salt after I put the butter on.

4. Instead of our actual oven, I used our brand new toaster oven that we bought about a month or so ago (our last one was croakin’, bless its geriatric self). Our new toaster oven is smaller and much, much more powerful. So instead of even preheating it and turning the heat up to 375*, I just cranked it to 250*. But my lobster tails started cooking fast, since we could smell its yumminess all through the house and their shells started turning red. So I turned it back down to 150* for the rest of the thirty minutes.

5. I put much less butter on them than she did hers before I baked them. When mine were done and I took the tray out of the toaster oven, there was excess, heated butter left on the tray (kinda like how there’s excess sauce, fat, etc. when you bake something in a regular oven), and so I just drizzled that over the meat when it was done.

6. I…tried drizzling some lemon juice on it after baking. I…I tried. But lemon juice and I just don’t have that great of a relationship. When I was eating, I found that the lemon juice kind of slid off my lobster tails…and into my rice and green beans. I’m just…lemon juice, baby, what’d I do wrong? Let’s try to talk this out so we can come to some kind of compromise. Work with me next time, baby, work with me. For both our sakes. Please.

Also a special note: I understand very, very much why you go ahead and pull the meat out and through before baking. It can be a pain in the ass to fight with shellfish when you’re trying to eat it. I learned this when my best friend’s dad made broiled crab legs for Christmas dinner and he had to help me big time with using my fork to split the shell open to get the meat.

So yeah, pulling the meat through on the lobster tails to create “piggyback” lobster tails isn’t just decoration, but lets you actually enjoy your meal without having it fight you back. Makes all the difference to me.

And voila! Here was the final product! The two sides you see are a staple in my house: yummy ass wild rice with green beans lightly seasoned with garlic salt.

Yum, yum, yum! :D

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