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He got a temporary stay, guys! And more than 100,000 signatures to the petition was more than they thought they'd ever get!

Wonderful so far lovelies! :D
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Hello there, lovelies!

There is a man named Ali Choudhry and he is facing deportation from Australia to Pakistan. In addition to that, he faces possibly permanent separation from his four-year partner, Dr. Matthew Hynd. Because Mr. Choudry is gay, he faces (at the very least) life imprisonment in Pakistan, as well as a severe language barrier due to not knowing the language because of having grown up in the United States of America.

Please help this man and his partner by signing this petition, lovelies. The petition calls for Mr. Choudhry to receive a visa to stay in Australia. As I type this now, the petition has already reached more than 107,100 signatures, but I believe that there can never be enough support for this man and his partner.

Please be the Awesome Sauce People I know you are and help! Please sign!

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I'm not a Texan, but I fully remember Wendy Davis' heroic 11-hour filibuster against an anti-abortion bill that would've killed women en masse. You can read excellent transcripts (starting with part 1) of it over at Ana Mardoll's, if you like:

*ahem* Aaaaaaaaaand Wendy is thinking about running for governor of Texas!!!! Full support from this Georgia lady right here! WOOOOOOOOO!!!!

Thank you so much again, Wendy Davis! :D :D :D


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