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Technology. And capitalism. Such a glorious, crap marriage if ever we did see one.

So ya'll know I was gifted with a tablet for Christmas this January. My tablet is a Window's Surface RT, 64GB and she was originally named and sold in 2013, over four years go. I named her "Pinky" after the screensaver I chose for her. I love my baby deeply. She's been a great, great help during school and a great, great entertainment and comfort on top of that.

...But her charger hasn't been working. Every time I try to plug it in, the charging icon won't show next to the battery. This means that the battery isn't recognizing the charger and, as a result, Pinky isn't charging. Kinda sorta hard to enjoy Pinky when she ain't been charged.

So I kept trying to fix it myself, with next to no such luck. Sometimes Pinky's battery would recognize the charger but more and more often, it wouldn't. I was struggling to fix it myself because I didn't want to use Microsoft's 24/7 chat support line...and that was because I didn't want them to tell me The Dreaded Thing.

But Pinky's battery still wouldn't recognize the charger. And so onto the freakin' chat support line I went...

...And it did turn out that The Dreaded Thing was true: the tablets with Pinky's warranties were expired...and so that meant that I would indeed have to buy a brand new charger. The nice dude on the other end of the chat solemnly informed me that, were I to purchase one directly from the Microsoft store, it would be $39.99, plus tax.

I'd gotten pretty quiet during the chat at that time, so he also helpfully informed me that I could buy it from other retailers like Amazon for much cheaper. But he also warned me that they may not be new/good quality/legit, etc.

It's just...ya'll, I just...

I ain't even had my Pinky for a whole year yet. I've never had the luxury of something like her before, but I've taken very good care of her, her charger, and everything else that comes with her (...tho I still can't figure out her wireless mouse. So it sits in the box to this day. I tried, tho. So please do not judge.) But my charger just goes out like this?

Hell, my beloved iPod lived for eight years before it freakin' died on me. But it's just like Mommy says: They don't make things like they used to, back in [her] day.


At least I found her charger on Amazon for about $20, taxes, shipping & handling included. Pretty good reviews, pretty legit. Gotta wait for the pay day to get it and so in the meantime, Pinky's gonna stay asleep in shut down.

No biggie, but...ugh. Fuck you, capitalism. Fuck you.

Well, Then

Wednesday, November 9th, 2016 01:58 am
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I am...desolate.

Quite simply desolate.

I've seen posts on my Tumblr dash and elsewhere asserting that this is not the end, we can and should hang in there, we'll keep fighting, we'll protect each other, we'll stay strong.

This is not the end.

We'll keep fighting.

But, it's just...y'know...I kinda, really, truly hoped that we wouldn't have to fight. That maybe just a little, teeny bit of that would be over.

Kinda hoped for some good news tonight. Some very, very, very good news.

'Cause, y'know, good news is good.

Well, then. See if my black woman is ass going to have the spoons to attend school tomorrow with the white fools that are my classmates.

Just see.

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I got my wittle pink baby eight years ago, for my seventeenth birthday.

Yes, it is eight-years-old.

Amarie is poor.

It has apparently done its last malfunctioning croak. I hook it up to my computer for charging with its old, frayed and faded USB cord (yes, it too, is eight-years-old). iTunes opens up as usual. And then it does this very strange and very infuriating thing for the third (yes, third) where iTunes...doesn't...recognize my iPod and then it seemingly snatches off all of my things from my iPod until it says "0 songs" iPod is empty, even while my library is intact. The last two times this happened, I simply restarted my computer, plugged in my iPod again, and then it fucking fixed it by re-syncing everything back on there...even if a lot of things were out of order (I scroll through using my cover flow).

But now I've tried to do that and now iTunes tells me that it really, really, really doesn't recognize my old baby and that I should restore its settings (i.e, erase everything that I have). And I

I searched all over Google before I gave up and then I called Apple support and, yes, I was braced to hear the fuckers tell me that I'll just need to buy a new one because Capitalism Says Fuck You. Hell, when they had me put my serial number in before the call, the system didn't even recognize it.

That is how old my iPod is.

Now, it was kinda cool being on hold for 20 minutes because they let me choose what music to listen to and I chose classical, which I put on speaker to free up my hands. The 20 minutes end and a really nice guy comes on the line to help. Yeah, he's really sweet and really nice, but he otherwise can't help other than to tell me to check that my version of iTunes is updated (it is) and, well...yeah, it looks like my iPod is just too freakin' old. He admitted that there are even people with brand-new-spankin' iPhones that have this problem and he really, truly hates having to tell people that just need to replace their devices.

So there's no help.

I switch from...sad to angry to numb and, well...numb again.

Yes, I've wanted a new, better iPod for years, but I just...

We do not have iPod money right now. We do not.

We do not.

I cannot even.

Oh my god, unless I can find some other kind of help, my iPod is apparently dead.

Woah, What?!

Thursday, July 21st, 2016 10:28 am
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Trigger Warning: Racism (Damn, I was so shocked that I didn't quite think to put this up here. Whoops!)

...I'm still struggling to process this. )

I Did Not Like Civil War

Wednesday, May 11th, 2016 12:45 am
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To clarify, I'm talking the movie, Captain America: Civil War.

I do not like it at all.

...At least they pretty much did my baby, T'Challa, right.

Still...ugh. Fuck MCU!Tony Stark. Fuck RDJ. Fuck this movie.

Edit: Yeah, this one, too:

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Trigger Warning: Class warfare, greedy, selfish, unapologetic fucks all over the world

I first heard word about the Panama Papers over at Shakesville, but I admit that I barely skimmed the post, as I was in a state of flow writing.

But now the news has come across my Tumblr dash several times and I stopped to read all about it. Just wow. Here and here is where you can see thorough, comprehensive information on the issue.

My mind is still blown myself. I...right now, the main emotion that I'm feeling is hope. Yes, hope that this massive leak will bring about something, somehow in the world. Some kind of huge, drastic change for the better that's been needing to happen for a good minute now. I know that potential change will very well not be perfect. I know that, more than that, next to nothing will happen. But I, like billions of other people, need a good dose of hope in my life and so...I'm going to hope.

I am shocked, but I am hopeful.
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Trigger Warnings: Diets, food intake, possible nutrition/digestion problems

Ya’ll, I’m dead ass serious over here. )

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