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2017-10-10 07:14 pm
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I've Said it Before...

And I'll say it again: you know you're getting up there in years when part of your ideal bedtime routine is drinking a nice, hot cup of tea.

You know, y'know? You know.

I'm alright, loves! I gotta get up @ 4am to meet my classmates & teacher at the clinical that means I have little more than 40 minutes before I plop my insomniac-happy ass in the bed. Yay!'s pharmacology class was better (I been struggling and feeling unintelligent). Much, much better. Imma write a whole, big ass post on nursing school for ya'll soon. Promise-promise.

In the meantime, how are ya'll doing? Ya'll got anything new to share?


P.S Imma eat my ass some lobster tails and a cream soda (my version of a beer, since I don't drink) this weekend just as celebration for getting through this shit. I am, I am.
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2017-10-02 09:28 pm
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I Made Halloween Treats for My Class

Note: I put this on my Tumblr, too.

It slipped my mind to take any pictures (dangit), but last night, I finished making my entire nursing class and teachers wittle Halloween treat bags. I was so nervous to get up in front of everyone at the end of class and announce that I made it for them, but it was more than worth it.

I started with how I knew we were all freakin’ stressed as hell, Fall/Halloween is one of my favorites, and that I had something to share with/give to them.

They saw the bright-orange Halloween bags Mom had me take all 40+ treats in and when I pulled out one of the treat bags to show them? There was this huge, collective “Awww” going all through the class followed by, “That’s so sweet, Amarie! That’s so nice! Wow!”

It was fun passing them out as everyone was also getting ready to leave. Just a lot of choruses of “Thank you!” Just “Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!” over and over again.

I’ve had a long, shitty two weeks (hint, hint: my fuck ass sister and her toddler stayed with us for two straight weeks...jolly), feels good to share. It feels good to make people smile. Just give people a little something to enjoy. Just a little something.

It feels good.

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2017-09-23 10:03 pm
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In Two Hours...

I will be twenty-six-years-old (26). OMFG...

Twenty-six (26) is a nice number. A really, really nice number.

I cannot wait.

Holy shit, I cannot wait.

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2017-09-23 04:10 pm

Happy Music is Happy

Can't follow the lyrics, but I do so love and enjoy a lot of Bollywood music. Hopefully ya'll will, too!!

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2017-09-09 10:54 am
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Hang On, Ya'll

I'm still around and I ain't forgot about ya'll. Things have just been quick & hectic. I got 2 tests next week and a speech to give (Imma do it on Hazel Scott-I'm so excited!!) in another two.

Just hang on, okay?
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2017-08-22 07:32 am
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Had a Good 1st Day!

I be still sleepy this morning (I kinda wanna go back to sleep until 9am-my pharmacology class thankfully only starts at 1pm), but I had a pretty good day yesterday. Wasn't nearly as bad as I thought, teehee! :D

Also, happy post-eclipse day, everyone! Love ya'll!

And how are ya'll doin'? :D

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2017-08-18 10:46 pm
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Need a Favor

...Which one a'ya'll wanna go to nursing school on Monday for me? I be so nervous that my afro being sprinin' out of place with the nervous energy.

Ya'll be alright. Just, like...cram the anatomy & physiology and microbiology books over the weekend. Don't be afraid of learning different needle lengths and, yes, most of the mannequins you gon' work on will be indistinguishable white men (kinda like the White House, y'know?).

Ya'll could do it.

Anybody love Amarie? Any volunteers?

Monday, 8AM. That's all I'm asking; that's all you gotta do.

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2017-08-14 07:57 pm

This is THE Twerking Song

Like...ya'll, I'm twerking my ass right here in my computer chair. I was twerkin' while I was making my dinner. Twerkin' while I was puttin' on my favorite Titanic (1998). Twerkin' while I was washin' the dishes.

And I'm still twerkin' right my computer chair.

What a terrible, terrible ear worm of a twerk song this thing is. Lord have mercy.

TW: Possible epilepsy warning

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2017-08-08 09:23 pm
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Okay, there was half white girls in my class...but the other half was fellow gals of color, mostly black!!! And a good chunk of them were friends from my spring semester prerequisite classes. Yay!!!

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2017-08-07 10:16 am

Got My 1st Orientation Day Tomorrow!

I am simultaneously excited and nervous. Gonna see all of my new classmates and at least most of my new teachers. Yay!

We're gonna do CPR and BLS (basic life support, AKA first aid) on this day. And then the next day, Thursday, we're supposed to go over things like bloodborne pathogens (basically disease-causing microorganisms that inhabit & come from the blood), registration, etc.

I do have one caveat, tho: I bet' not walk into that classroom and be surrounded by white girls. I bet' not.

Fellow black girls, you better have come thru. I can't be miserable in school for a year. You better have come thru.

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2017-07-30 08:56 am

That Feeling When...

Trigger Warning: Mention of exercise & asthma

For the past few weeks, you've been wishing and wishing for at least just a taste of Fall because this hellish heat and suffocating humidity (which is about 75% of what exacerbates your asthma) is not your favorite. You want just a taste-just a taste.

You didn't even go for a walk yesterday because, besides the heat, the humidity was just too much for your breathing.

Your mama comes home this morning from her nightshift at work to wake you up straight outta dreamland. And she wakes you up with the announcement that it's actually a beautiful, glorious, cool. Hell, she even opened up all the windows and back door sans turning on the AC, so cool it was. She insists that you get your butt up, eat a hearty breakfast, and go for a walk this morning.

You're groggy as hell, but you notice that, with the windows & back door open, it doesn't feel like hell straight from Satan's balls is coming in to smother you.

So, excited (but still groggy), you get up and get dressed. Lightly moisturize ('causes Sunday is wash day anyway) your 'fro, make yourself a breakfast of turkey bacon, scrambled eggs, and buttered toast. Wait for it digest while you finish getting dressed, brush your teeth, and do the dishes.

Oh, and you also put just a little bit of lotion on your legs & arms. Especially your legs...because it doesn't do to go out with Ashy Knees And Ankles. 'Tis unbecoming of a black lady.

Then you get your sunglasses, Bleepy, and headphones...head out of the front door...

...And holy fucking shit, it feels like it's Autumn 'cause it's cool and breezy and sunny and pretty and there's next to no fucking humidity.

Holy fucking shit, you were glad you wore a pair of shorts to feel that nice, cool breeze!!!

And when you came back inside, sweaty and huffy, after 30 minutes of power walking (woohoo!), you didn't even need your inhaler.

Ahhh...this morning was a good morning. A very, very good morning.

I'm thinking my letter to Thor actually worked! LOLOL!

Also! I'm posting this from Pinky, who's up, running, and healthy as ever with her brand new (and better, holy shit) charger. I missed you so much, Pinky! Yay! :D
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2017-07-27 04:17 pm
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An Open Letter to Thor Odinson

Note: I wrote this last evening on my Tumblr blog on a whim. I completely pulled it outta my ass, haha. The title is exactly what you think it'll be, teehee. I hope it makes you smile & laugh, dears. Enjoy!

Dear Mr. Thor Odinson of Asgard,

Good evening, my dear pale-skinned, Viking-in-Valhalla sir. I convey my deepest wishes that this letter finds you and yours in good health. I, too, am in good health...

...Of a sort.

I understand that this letter may in fact appear to you to be unsolicited and untoward. However, you will soon learn that it is for a most urgent and dire purpose.

By courtesy of my dash, it has since come to my attention that you are expecting a third movie in your name and honor. I do confess that, years ago, I attended your first movie in theaters with ambivalence and subsequent minor enjoyment. Indeed, I left the theater with not an ounce of interest piqued in you and your world.

I confess that I did not even bother to attend your second movie in theaters. I also confess that I have managed a grand total of one time to watch it, straight-through on the device known as a DVD.

You may not have enjoyed your times in both Avengers movies, as you have been slighted as though you were a minor, insignificant character. Of a truth, you may have been so slighted that surely you have had the least lines of all the heroes present.

Thus, I understand your excitement for the upcoming Thor: Ragnarok. I do.

Truly, it does appear that, after scandalously so, so long a time, you and your story shall be done justice. It is being directed by the brilliant, criminally attractive Taika Waititi. The colors are vibrant and robust. The action is gorgeously choreographed. Hela is a worthy, most-terrifying villain. Valkyrie is, as we say, black-black-blackity-black and glorious. The stakes are dangerously high and understandable. And your brother is...present.

I am acutely pleased to inform you that I have watched the recently-released trailer perhaps no less than 10 times. Truthfully, this is the movie of yours that I intend to see in theaters with great enthusiasm and interest. And so I, too, am quite excited.

But your celebratory thunderstorms sir, are quite frankly getting out of hand.

Far, far out of hand.

I must impress upon you the dire nature of this situation: for the past week and a half, you have allowed sunshine and mostly-clear skies during the early mornings. And onward, from as early as the afternoon to as late as 8 o’clock in the evening-indeed, your fancy is quite random- your thunder rumbles, your lightening flashes, and you command the heavens to release their torrent and downpour upon Midgard, the realm that I and many, many others inhabit.

This has been the order of the days for the past week. And a half.

I and many others are quite certain that you do this not out of malice, but out of excitement. Sir, I do beg you to be considerate of us mortal Midgardians. I, for one, am most inconvenienced. I cannot wear my gorgeous white summer dress with my sky-blue flip flops. I cannot go for an evening walk. I cannot dally in the shower as I co-wash my ‘fro. I cannot abide by this fiendish humidity as it terrorizes my ‘fro.

And unfortunately, the weekly forecast for my area denotes that you shall continue this trend evermore as the summer lasts.

I am asking you, with utmost respect and sincerity, to please feel your excitement as you wish, but also to quell your penchant to summon thunderstorms as it strikes your fancy.

Please, sir. I cannot live.


Best regards,


Tl;dr: One of you Thor stans, come and get your bae and tell him to calm the hell down so I can live.
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2017-07-25 11:52 am

Getting Ready for School

Things I don't like: Seeing that my college's bookstore offers a whole nursing package of books that total to about $500 and then offers the pharmacology book separately for about $200. So, books for this semester alone could've come to $700.

Things I do like: Going through my nursing packet that I got from the ADN office after I called to confirm my enrollment, and using both my book list there and the ISBN numbers from my college's bookstore's then scour Amazon and shop there instead. I find cheaper, earlier edition, & used versions of 98% of my books in the space of one evening.

Things I also like: All of my books, plus Pinky's new charger (couldn't find any in-store, -lolsobs-), only come up to about $60, a far, far cry from $700.

I like, I like.

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2017-07-17 02:34 pm



...Fuck my life, I'm still in shock. Just fuck my life.