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Note: I put this on my Tumblr, too.

It slipped my mind to take any pictures (dangit), but last night, I finished making my entire nursing class and teachers wittle Halloween treat bags. I was so nervous to get up in front of everyone at the end of class and announce that I made it for them, but it was more than worth it.

I started with how I knew we were all freakin’ stressed as hell, Fall/Halloween is one of my favorites, and that I had something to share with/give to them.

They saw the bright-orange Halloween bags Mom had me take all 40+ treats in and when I pulled out one of the treat bags to show them? There was this huge, collective “Awww” going all through the class followed by, “That’s so sweet, Amarie! That’s so nice! Wow!”

It was fun passing them out as everyone was also getting ready to leave. Just a lot of choruses of “Thank you!” Just “Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!” over and over again.

I’ve had a long, shitty two weeks (hint, hint: my fuck ass sister and her toddler stayed with us for two straight weeks...jolly), feels good to share. It feels good to make people smile. Just give people a little something to enjoy. Just a little something.

It feels good.

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Trigger Warning: Mention of exercise & asthma

For the past few weeks, you've been wishing and wishing for at least just a taste of Fall because this hellish heat and suffocating humidity (which is about 75% of what exacerbates your asthma) is not your favorite. You want just a taste-just a taste.

You didn't even go for a walk yesterday because, besides the heat, the humidity was just too much for your breathing.

Your mama comes home this morning from her nightshift at work to wake you up straight outta dreamland. And she wakes you up with the announcement that it's actually a beautiful, glorious, cool. Hell, she even opened up all the windows and back door sans turning on the AC, so cool it was. She insists that you get your butt up, eat a hearty breakfast, and go for a walk this morning.

You're groggy as hell, but you notice that, with the windows & back door open, it doesn't feel like hell straight from Satan's balls is coming in to smother you.

So, excited (but still groggy), you get up and get dressed. Lightly moisturize ('causes Sunday is wash day anyway) your 'fro, make yourself a breakfast of turkey bacon, scrambled eggs, and buttered toast. Wait for it digest while you finish getting dressed, brush your teeth, and do the dishes.

Oh, and you also put just a little bit of lotion on your legs & arms. Especially your legs...because it doesn't do to go out with Ashy Knees And Ankles. 'Tis unbecoming of a black lady.

Then you get your sunglasses, Bleepy, and headphones...head out of the front door...

...And holy fucking shit, it feels like it's Autumn 'cause it's cool and breezy and sunny and pretty and there's next to no fucking humidity.

Holy fucking shit, you were glad you wore a pair of shorts to feel that nice, cool breeze!!!

And when you came back inside, sweaty and huffy, after 30 minutes of power walking (woohoo!), you didn't even need your inhaler.

Ahhh...this morning was a good morning. A very, very good morning.

I'm thinking my letter to Thor actually worked! LOLOL!

Also! I'm posting this from Pinky, who's up, running, and healthy as ever with her brand new (and better, holy shit) charger. I missed you so much, Pinky! Yay! :D
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Technology. And capitalism. Such a glorious, crap marriage if ever we did see one.

So ya'll know I was gifted with a tablet for Christmas this January. My tablet is a Window's Surface RT, 64GB and she was originally named and sold in 2013, over four years go. I named her "Pinky" after the screensaver I chose for her. I love my baby deeply. She's been a great, great help during school and a great, great entertainment and comfort on top of that.

...But her charger hasn't been working. Every time I try to plug it in, the charging icon won't show next to the battery. This means that the battery isn't recognizing the charger and, as a result, Pinky isn't charging. Kinda sorta hard to enjoy Pinky when she ain't been charged.

So I kept trying to fix it myself, with next to no such luck. Sometimes Pinky's battery would recognize the charger but more and more often, it wouldn't. I was struggling to fix it myself because I didn't want to use Microsoft's 24/7 chat support line...and that was because I didn't want them to tell me The Dreaded Thing.

But Pinky's battery still wouldn't recognize the charger. And so onto the freakin' chat support line I went...

...And it did turn out that The Dreaded Thing was true: the tablets with Pinky's warranties were expired...and so that meant that I would indeed have to buy a brand new charger. The nice dude on the other end of the chat solemnly informed me that, were I to purchase one directly from the Microsoft store, it would be $39.99, plus tax.

I'd gotten pretty quiet during the chat at that time, so he also helpfully informed me that I could buy it from other retailers like Amazon for much cheaper. But he also warned me that they may not be new/good quality/legit, etc.

It's just...ya'll, I just...

I ain't even had my Pinky for a whole year yet. I've never had the luxury of something like her before, but I've taken very good care of her, her charger, and everything else that comes with her (...tho I still can't figure out her wireless mouse. So it sits in the box to this day. I tried, tho. So please do not judge.) But my charger just goes out like this?

Hell, my beloved iPod lived for eight years before it freakin' died on me. But it's just like Mommy says: They don't make things like they used to, back in [her] day.


At least I found her charger on Amazon for about $20, taxes, shipping & handling included. Pretty good reviews, pretty legit. Gotta wait for the pay day to get it and so in the meantime, Pinky's gonna stay asleep in shut down.

No biggie, but...ugh. Fuck you, capitalism. Fuck you.
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So we’re doing the cardiovascular system in class last week and continuing on this week! On Thursday, we just got done with the heart chapter (I am so excited to gush about it to you guys, but first I gotta get ya’ll endocrine & blood!), and were reviewing in the beginning of class it before we went to blood vessels.

As part of our quick review, we went over in more detail on the force of the blood pumping through the heart and all throughout the arteries. So Mrs. A asked a question and it went like this:
Mrs. A: So what does it mean when one has high blood pressure? Hmm?

Me: -quietly- Uhhh…you have hypertension?

Mrs. A: -playfully glares down at me- I know that, Amarie. But what does it mean?!

Mrs. A, the whole class, & me: -bursts into laughter that lasts for a while-

Me, after a while: Oh, yeah! It means the heart is working too hard to pump blood and that can eventually cause wear and tear on the body.

Mrs. A: -gives me that Speshul Smile just for me- Correct, Amarie! Now…

Yeah, I just had to share that-I thought it was funny, teehee! And again, I am so very excited to finally be in the cardiovascular system right now! We started on blood vessels, which is a pretty long but easy chapter. Gah, it’s so terrible-I be so excited while I’m studying at home that I’m wasting time gushing to myself (and to Mommy when she’s awake) about this body system.

Did I ever tell ya’ll that my dream job is to be a cardio nurse? Yes, if I can get into this program and graduate from it, it is my deepest desire to be a cardio nurse for the cardiovascular system is my favorite system and fascinates me endlessly.

Amarie still dreams.

But the biggest thing, though? Ya’ll know that this coming Tuesday is February 14th, Valentine’s Day, yes? Well, Tuesday is when I have my Anatomy & Physiology II lab in the afternoon…

…And ya’ll, we are going to dissect a heart.

On Valentine’s Day.

I repeat: we are going to dissect a heart on Valentine’s Day.

Let it be known that in my 25th year of life, never before have I encountered such hilarious irony as now.

Oh my god, LOLOL!

Also, happy pre-Valentine’s Day to all my valentines out there! I love ya’ll and may you all be warm, safe, & happy this February! –blows a kiss to all of you- :D :D
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I. Am. In. Black. Girl. Heaven.

Like, first, I was already excited because my microbiology class starts at 6 o'clock in the evening and this is the very first time in my life that I ever had an evening class!! -SQUEE!!-

But ya'll...I walked into that was like a fuckin' sea. Of. Black. Women. Only a sprinkling of white witches, lord have mercy.

I sat right smack down in the front right with them (I didn't speak, tho-Amarie can be shy, since she's an ambivert) and basically in the middle of them. So, so many black women. All of them a beautiful rainbow of brown shades and differing hairstyles. Natural 'fros, wigs, sew-ins, more natural 'fros, braids, etc...

It was much the same with my microbiology lab not fifteen minutes later (Mommy drove me quickly through the parking lot so I wouldn't have to walk in the freezing cold dark, teehee!). Black. Women. All. Over. The. Place.

And by the almighty lord, may it be much the same for the rest of the week!!!!

--Amarie, in Black Girl Heaven

P.S Umm...also, I ain't told no one this because I'm still processing it. But, of my dear friends' family bought me a motherfucking Windows tablet for Christmas because they know my broke ass ain't got shit. I have named her "Pinky" because I put her main page (?) background as pink. Her internet didn't work (...Microsoft, why on the lord's green earth are you still fucking with Internet Explorer?), but I just got her working not a few minutes ago!

I am so happy and excited to take her with me to class tomorrow so I can follow my notes!! :D :D

P.S.S My microbiology teacher? The dude is your typical Dorky/Geeky White Boy Wearing Plaid With Square Glasses And Always Cracking Jokes teacher. He is awesome and I love him already!!

So Today...

Tuesday, January 3rd, 2017 06:06 pm
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Me: -Helping my sister and her ain't-shit-deadbeat-fretfully-idiotic-lump-of-intertia-with-organs boyfriend move all their shit out of our house and into their only car so they can move faster and take their 9-month-old baby, my nephew home with them-

My sister & the idiot: Aww, thanks for helping us! It's really kind of you and we really appreciate it!

Me, externally: Oh, no problem and you're more than welcome! My pleasure!

Me, internally: Naw, I and Mommy just want ya'll and all your figurative and literal mess to giddafuckoutta our house as fast as possible and once and for all.

I don't quite want to get into it now. But long story short, it has been one of the longest three and a half days of mine and Mommy's lives while my sister continues to sadly act a damn fool. Also, I was on baby duty quite often (including today) and, uhh...

Amarie. Doesn't. Do. Babies. And. Young. Children.

I can fake it 'till I make it (cause that's shitty to be a douchebag to children), but boy am I glad that I ain't got one a'them and sure as fuck never will.

Like, this is the reason why I am catastrophically behind on my writing and for that, I sincerely and deeply apologize. Kinda hard to concentrate when a Drooling Menace To Society (yes, I call him that) is sobbing up a storm during naptime in your living room.

Ugh. Mommy and I are free at last today.

Just...ya'll, the older I get and the more shit I gotta deal with and the more I grow/change and acknowledge parts of myself? The more I realize that I am a Libra with a sinister, shady side that's very, very quiet behind my external friendliness and charm. I am so a Libra with dapples of the ugly parts of my mama's Scorpio.

Alas, I deny it no longer.
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Ooohh boy, if I manage to get into the program come August 2017, it's gon' be a ride for sure. To give just a glimpse of some of the things we'll be doing as registered nursing students: APA-formatted essays and twelve (yes, 12) hour clinicals starting at 6:30AM...often all in the same week.

But Imma do it. Imma get in it and Imma get through it.

My mother did it before me as a licensed practical nursing students years ago. She did it as a thirty-mumble widowed mother of two girls that also had a part-time job. And she got through it and she's genuinely one of the best nurses I know personally and, though I never thought that I would, I am immeasurably proud to be following in her footsteps years and years later.

I noticed, though, that of all the girls in my anatomy class that came to the orientation...there were only two of my white girl classmates that I recognized. Now, okay, it was an orientation that was scheduled bright and early at 8:00 in the morning on Thanksgiving break (Happy Bird Week!), but...heh.

The main thing that made me happy, though, is that it looks like most of my nursing teachers will be black women!!! Hell, the chairman of the whole nursing program is a black man that's very sweet and is a BAMF retired critical care nurse. The head under that is a black woman and she will be our first teacher for the first semester. Holy shit, am I happy!!!

And there were a hell of a lotta other black women students in the room!! Two of them sat behind me and holy shit, they were pretty and another two sat beside me. Gah, how wonderful! Then one of them that sat way, way in the back had a such a huge fuckin' afro that I swear I could see a halo around her head! It was like fellow sisters! My salvation! My oasis! Black women, ya'll better surround me in this nursing program!!!

-flops against computer chair-

Ahhh, today was most certainly alright.
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I got my wittle pink baby eight years ago, for my seventeenth birthday.

Yes, it is eight-years-old.

Amarie is poor.

It has apparently done its last malfunctioning croak. I hook it up to my computer for charging with its old, frayed and faded USB cord (yes, it too, is eight-years-old). iTunes opens up as usual. And then it does this very strange and very infuriating thing for the third (yes, third) where iTunes...doesn't...recognize my iPod and then it seemingly snatches off all of my things from my iPod until it says "0 songs" iPod is empty, even while my library is intact. The last two times this happened, I simply restarted my computer, plugged in my iPod again, and then it fucking fixed it by re-syncing everything back on there...even if a lot of things were out of order (I scroll through using my cover flow).

But now I've tried to do that and now iTunes tells me that it really, really, really doesn't recognize my old baby and that I should restore its settings (i.e, erase everything that I have). And I

I searched all over Google before I gave up and then I called Apple support and, yes, I was braced to hear the fuckers tell me that I'll just need to buy a new one because Capitalism Says Fuck You. Hell, when they had me put my serial number in before the call, the system didn't even recognize it.

That is how old my iPod is.

Now, it was kinda cool being on hold for 20 minutes because they let me choose what music to listen to and I chose classical, which I put on speaker to free up my hands. The 20 minutes end and a really nice guy comes on the line to help. Yeah, he's really sweet and really nice, but he otherwise can't help other than to tell me to check that my version of iTunes is updated (it is) and, well...yeah, it looks like my iPod is just too freakin' old. He admitted that there are even people with brand-new-spankin' iPhones that have this problem and he really, truly hates having to tell people that just need to replace their devices.

So there's no help.

I switch from...sad to angry to numb and, well...numb again.

Yes, I've wanted a new, better iPod for years, but I just...

We do not have iPod money right now. We do not.

We do not.

I cannot even.

Oh my god, unless I can find some other kind of help, my iPod is apparently dead.

Oh My God...

Saturday, September 24th, 2016 06:32 am
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I hope ya'll don't mind, but...

I'm 25-years-old today. Oh my god. Oh my god.

"Twenty-five" is a nice number, but where did the time go?! Teehee!!

But among other things, that means it's lobster night again at my house! (Go through my food tag if you'd like to see when I first made my very own lobster tails!) Birthday night is lobster night! Yay!


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