Date: 2017-05-10 10:09 am (UTC)
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Which movie do you mean? The one that's already been out or... is there a part two that I'm not aware of coming out again? O.e

//warning: spoilers ahead! but also contains some necessary trigger warnings about the film so read at your own discretion//

I liked parts of the Maleficent movie (the one that's already out) but my favorite Sleeping Beauty was ironically the Disney one. The three fairy women were EXTREMELY active, actually seemed like they COULD have raised Aurora to adulthood even if they were a bit ditzy at times, and there was a bit of a prior connection with the prince and Aurora, with a funny exchange between the two kings. I just wish that the ACTUAL MOTHER had been fleshed out at all, goddamnit. In EITHER movie. DAMN IT.

The things that appeal the Maleficent movie to me is Diavol (he's so cute and smexy and I feel sorry for how he's treated by her :< ), the dragon shapechanging, the wings flying scene, the stunning background visuals, giving Maleficent more of an engaging history for her actions, making her more an anti-hero than a true villain, and showing that true love can be between a sort of parent and child [mother and daughter] even if they're not related at all by blood - which is adoption-positive for sure!

I just hate how they TRASHED the fairies' characterization and believability, made the humans all suck, killed the first guy off as a black man (of fucking course), did wing torture (I can't stand wings being cut off x.o), and there was a lot of... lacking worldbuilding and things that actually... made sense???... in the running of things.

And of course the MYSTERIOUS MISSING MOTHER whom we NEVER hear of, NEVER hear their name, NEVER know, and fucking hell barely ever SEE.

So aside from Maleficent and Aurora in the movie getting some relationship time, it is HELL on every other woman character.

At least in the old Disney one, even if Aurora wasn't as ... outgoing as modern heroines tend to be, the three fairies more than made it up for that and I see them as the true protagonists of the film. And there was a lot more talking by women in that one in comparison (which is fucking sad.) And the magic effects were better in traditional animation, not live-action (as they ALWAYS ARE. *LE SIGH and shakes head*) Yes the Disney one had NOBODY BUT WHITE PEOPLE, yet in the newest one, any inclusion of POC is... weak. Barely there in the background. Or they're just killed off. You almost wonder why they made so little effort towards diversity.

//end spoilers//

So yeah I'm mixed on that one. -x-
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