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I am simultaneously excited and nervous. Gonna see all of my new classmates and at least most of my new teachers. Yay!

We're gonna do CPR and BLS (basic life support, AKA first aid) on this day. And then the next day, Thursday, we're supposed to go over things like bloodborne pathogens (basically disease-causing microorganisms that inhabit & come from the blood), registration, etc.

I do have one caveat, tho: I bet' not walk into that classroom and be surrounded by white girls. I bet' not.

Fellow black girls, you better have come thru. I can't be miserable in school for a year. You better have come thru.

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Things I don't like: Seeing that my college's bookstore offers a whole nursing package of books that total to about $500 and then offers the pharmacology book separately for about $200. So, books for this semester alone could've come to $700.

Things I do like: Going through my nursing packet that I got from the ADN office after I called to confirm my enrollment, and using both my book list there and the ISBN numbers from my college's bookstore's then scour Amazon and shop there instead. I find cheaper, earlier edition, & used versions of 98% of my books in the space of one evening.

Things I also like: All of my books, plus Pinky's new charger (couldn't find any in-store, -lolsobs-), only come up to about $60, a far, far cry from $700.

I like, I like.

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I still can't believe my anatomy & physiology lab practical was my last freakin' one. Lord have mercy!!!

(...I just hope that I made straight A's, tho. I'm hand-wringing in general. Now just to wait for the acceptance or rejection letter...)

Welp! Time for writing and Sims! :D :D :D
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You missed a Monday test 'cause you were sick-as-shit and you talked to your flighty-ass-laid-back-as-hell white dude microbiology teacher about making it up. And he says you can make it up whenever...shit, shut so long as it's before the end of the semester, he don't care.

So you're about to make it up tonight in the lab class (which is optional to go to tonight), but your mama insists that you bring your ass on home 'cause you're still sick and tired, and so one of the things you do when you get home is send that flighty ass teacher a Very Professional Student Email About Making Up The Test...

...And you know-you just know (if he remembers to get back to you) he gon' be like, "Yeah, sure kiddo. I told you whenever, didn' I? Feel better!"


That college feel.
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So we’re doing the cardiovascular system in class last week and continuing on this week! On Thursday, we just got done with the heart chapter (I am so excited to gush about it to you guys, but first I gotta get ya’ll endocrine & blood!), and were reviewing in the beginning of class it before we went to blood vessels.

As part of our quick review, we went over in more detail on the force of the blood pumping through the heart and all throughout the arteries. So Mrs. A asked a question and it went like this:
Mrs. A: So what does it mean when one has high blood pressure? Hmm?

Me: -quietly- Uhhh…you have hypertension?

Mrs. A: -playfully glares down at me- I know that, Amarie. But what does it mean?!

Mrs. A, the whole class, & me: -bursts into laughter that lasts for a while-

Me, after a while: Oh, yeah! It means the heart is working too hard to pump blood and that can eventually cause wear and tear on the body.

Mrs. A: -gives me that Speshul Smile just for me- Correct, Amarie! Now…

Yeah, I just had to share that-I thought it was funny, teehee! And again, I am so very excited to finally be in the cardiovascular system right now! We started on blood vessels, which is a pretty long but easy chapter. Gah, it’s so terrible-I be so excited while I’m studying at home that I’m wasting time gushing to myself (and to Mommy when she’s awake) about this body system.

Did I ever tell ya’ll that my dream job is to be a cardio nurse? Yes, if I can get into this program and graduate from it, it is my deepest desire to be a cardio nurse for the cardiovascular system is my favorite system and fascinates me endlessly.

Amarie still dreams.

But the biggest thing, though? Ya’ll know that this coming Tuesday is February 14th, Valentine’s Day, yes? Well, Tuesday is when I have my Anatomy & Physiology II lab in the afternoon…

…And ya’ll, we are going to dissect a heart.

On Valentine’s Day.

I repeat: we are going to dissect a heart on Valentine’s Day.

Let it be known that in my 25th year of life, never before have I encountered such hilarious irony as now.

Oh my god, LOLOL!

Also, happy pre-Valentine’s Day to all my valentines out there! I love ya’ll and may you all be warm, safe, & happy this February! –blows a kiss to all of you- :D :D
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A'ight,'re the very first system we gon' cover this semester in both Anatomy & Physiology II lecture and lab.

A'ight, fine.

But see? When we're talkin' about the skeletal system...that's all in the bones. When we're talking about muscles, that's all in muscles. Nervous system, that's the brain and the many peripheral systems of nerves stemming from and to the brain. Integumentary system is just skin, hair, and nails.

Like, there's a pattern here. There's an easy, designated place that everyone else is in.

But the thing about you with your skank ass?

Endocrine system, you are all over the place. For fuck's sake, you got the hypothalamus (The Big Dawg) up in the brain. And below that, you have the pituitary gland-and then you have the posterior and anterior parts of the gland, haha!

And don't even nobody started on your goddamned pineal gland (what basically puts us to sleep).

But you're not done yet. Next you got your friggin' thyroid gland in the throat. Adrenal gland on top of each kidney. And a freakin' pancreas that I thought was in the upper left quadrant of the abdomen.


Endocrine system, you are all over the place. And so I come to you asking you this: make up your freakin' mind.

Jesus Lord have mercy.

Imma get an A on you, tho. Imma cream you on my tests. Imma do it.

--Amarie, who should be in bed

Something Funny

Monday, November 14th, 2016 03:38 pm
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I still thankfully have straight A's in my anatomy lecture & lab and my teacher, Mrs. A, is simply wonderful. I regret being unable to attend school on November 9th for obvious reasons because, while I don't enjoy most of my white ass, stank ass classmates, I do adore my Mrs. A.

But there are some times when I don't understand a certain concept. It happened again today and the funny thing is found in my external reaction vs. my internal reaction. Observe:

Mrs. A: -teaches about our 8th cervical nerve (known as C8) and why exactly we have seven cervical vertebrae, but eight cervical nerves-

Me, externally: -raises my hand and politely asks Mrs. A to explain that again-


Mrs. A: -warmly smiles at me and just as warmly explains yet again-

Me, externally: Thank you, Mrs. A!

Me, internally: TAKE THAT, CONFUZION!!!

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I'm still exhausted, but also oh-so happy and proud of myself!!! :D :D :D

( was also the highest grade in the class, along with another girl that got a 97, too. But Imma mostly hush on that, 'kay? 'Kay.)


P.S I'm sorry, but I'm so happy that I had to share! Hope ya'll don't mind!

Remember, Everyone!

Wednesday, July 27th, 2016 10:43 am
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Be sure to thank your phospholipids today! They work very, very very hard for you!

And try to do your best to take extra good care of them by eating foods with a lotta electrolytes, such as calcium (Ca), potassium (K+), sodium (Na+), and the like! This way, they'll have good things to pass in and out of your cells! :D

So give a big, hearty thank you to your phospholipids today! :D

(Jesus Christ, I'm still nerdy and geeky. I just jokingly asked Mommy today if she thanked her phospholipids today and she went, "Eh. They're just doing their jobs." The scandal!)


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