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So, like, Silver & Wingedbeast have started a very, very long conversation over at my last ATLA post ("On Rape and Empathy"). They've mostly started talking about Mako both as a character and as his position as a potential polyshipper with Korra & Asami.

It's...amazing. I usually don't get such long conversations like that in my comments! Hah! And I've had other people inbox me about LoK, too. So...

Here's my first-ever open thread for you guys. I know it's late, as the finale was quite some time ago. I also know that I'm not the best person to participate myself, as I stopped watching in the middle of Book 2 (I know, but the bullshit was getting to be staggering for me). But! I know a lot of my readers have finished watching LoK and have a lot of thoughts on it. And you guys have a lot of thoughts on ATLA, and it's okay to share those too!

...But do not scorn Zuko's hair. I will destroy you with my homemade pancakes & bacon. I mean it. I got my mother addicted to that kind of breakfast and I'll do it to you through a computer screen. No one touches Zuko's glorious hair. For the record, his Book 2 hair was my favorite. Just a little on the shaggy side, with that smexxy spikiness in the front. Flame-o, hawtman.

Other than that, please mind your trigger warnings, be nice, be safe, have fun and happy January to one and to all! :D :D


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