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Oh, I meant the one already out-the first part. I had no idea that there was a Part 2 coming! :O

And yeah, from what I've seen from jumping around on random YouTube clips? You are so totally right on every single point.

I get...the temptation to make the three fairies kinda ditzy and flighty (no pun intended) in order to make Aurora and us, the audience, closer to Maleficient. But...goodness gracious. They made them outright incompetent and it was just like...have ya'll any respect? Any decency? This is Flora, Fauna, & Merryweather we're talking about here!!! What the hell?!

Aurora's biological mama wasn't fleshed out, either? Blegh, not surprised.

Yeah, apparently the guy that played Diavol is Sam Riley, and he played a version of Mr. Darcy? Ehhh, he's not my cup of tea (my Mr. Darcy is Matthew Macfayden, I'm afraid), but it's nice to see a connection!

And adoption positivity for the WIN!

...But wait a minute. So not only was there just A Token Black Guy, but they also killed him off, first? Ugh. And yeah, I skipped over the clip where shitty asshole Stefan cut her wings off...what the fuck, people.

So yeah, overall, you're right & I absolutely agree with you: at best, it's a mixed bag that may very well be not what everyone enjoys. : /
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