Tuesday, January 3rd, 2017

So Today...

Tuesday, January 3rd, 2017 06:06 pm
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Me: -Helping my sister and her ain't-shit-deadbeat-fretfully-idiotic-lump-of-intertia-with-organs boyfriend move all their shit out of our house and into their only car so they can move faster and take their 9-month-old baby, my nephew home with them-

My sister & the idiot: Aww, thanks for helping us! It's really kind of you and we really appreciate it!

Me, externally: Oh, no problem and you're more than welcome! My pleasure!

Me, internally: Naw, I and Mommy just want ya'll and all your figurative and literal mess to giddafuckoutta our house as fast as possible and once and for all.

I don't quite want to get into it now. But long story short, it has been one of the longest three and a half days of mine and Mommy's lives while my sister continues to sadly act a damn fool. Also, I was on baby duty quite often (including today) and, uhh...

Amarie. Doesn't. Do. Babies. And. Young. Children.

I can fake it 'till I make it (cause that's shitty to be a douchebag to children), but boy am I glad that I ain't got one a'them and sure as fuck never will.

Like, this is the reason why I am catastrophically behind on my writing and for that, I sincerely and deeply apologize. Kinda hard to concentrate when a Drooling Menace To Society (yes, I call him that) is sobbing up a storm during naptime in your living room.

Ugh. Mommy and I are free at last today.

Just...ya'll, the older I get and the more shit I gotta deal with and the more I grow/change and acknowledge parts of myself? The more I realize that I am a Libra with a sinister, shady side that's very, very quiet behind my external friendliness and charm. I am so a Libra with dapples of the ugly parts of my mama's Scorpio.

Alas, I deny it no longer.

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