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This. This piece of art. This piece of uplifting, inspiring, phenomenal art. I especially need this shit after this election. Just…as soon as I saw it, I stopped and had my breath taken away for sure. Dear god in heaven.

Please meet Dr. Jen Gunter, a doctor that performs late-term/20-week abortions in the state of Kansas. What she does and her story and the story of the women and families that she helps is so, so vital and significant. TW: pregnancy complications, pro-life fuckery

Is this not me when Beyoncé’s “Sorry” comes on? Y’know, besides me gleefully flipping off the walls? Is this not me?!

The phenomenal Mr. Mahershala Al, who plays the villain in the Netflix series Luke Cage, talks about the importance of representation and making sure that everyone has their story told, everyone is recognized as having a story and a humanity that’s more than worthy of being recognized. Yes, yes, yes! TW: racism

Attention all hood niggas! A desperately-needed PSA is on that video on how to take a lady out on a date! I’m still laughing so hard at this one; nyahahahahahaa!!! TW: mention of drugs

Inspiring Wonder Woman fan art.

Beautiful Wonder Woman fan art.

A funny, quirky way to motivate yourself to keep going while studying! Teehee! TW: food

Ya’ll know these are my favorite:
fan-made ATLA character aesthetic posts! They even have a little bonus aesthetic for a certain character at the bottom!

This picture the moon over water of gives me some serious Princess Yue feelz.

-sigh- Will the White House ever this lit be again…?

This man’s art? Is beyond beautiful. It is mind-blowing. It is awe-inspiring. It is…it everything. Just quite simply everything.

Didja know that Japan made newspapers with seeds in them so that they become plants again after they’re used? Awesome sauce!!

Hamilton Trash time! Here is a gif set of Leslie and Lin learning how to load colonial-era muskets! It’s from the Hamilton’s America documentary. Ahhh, Leslie and Lin! Teehee!

Yep. Here’s Lin once again admitting that Hamilton would talk shit, shit, and more shit about Burr. Nyahahaha!

A motherfucking PSA on white folks thinkin’ they can get fresh with us black folk just because their Trump Turd won. Take note, fuckers. Take note. TW: N-word, Trump Turd

For my fellow college kids! Y’know how the biggest pain in the ass when writing an essay is actually formatting it? Well, no more worries because Microsoft Word will format your entire paper for you! Kewlio-beans!!

Pretty hijabi fashion is pretty hijabi fashion. I especially love that there’s so, so many soft, pastel colors here. Ahhh, pretty hijabi…

Speaking of pretty hijabi? In the wake of the Trump Turd’s win, but also just in general, here is a guide on how to defend yourself from bigots tearing off your hijab. The video is especially important because the actors sign the instructions as well as speak them. TW: Islamophobia, physical assault

Simply beautiful Disney logo edits with iconic Disney backgrounds. They remembered to include Tiana’s Palace, too!

This gif set has come down my dash multiple times and Indigo even tagged me in it. I…I need it big time.

So, uhh, ya’ll heard of the anime “Yuri on Ice”? I heard some pretty good things about it, though I don’t have the means to watch it (it’s probably on Netflix, which I don’t have). I do imagine that I will, though, because Amarie’s favorite sport ever is actually professional figure skating. No joke, no lie. And this scene right here? D’aaaaaaaw, it gets my romantic heart just a’tinglin’!

Also, here’s the Yuri on Ice theme. ‘Tis beautiful!

Then, here are the spectacular opening credits to Yuri on Ice.

One of the cutest Korrasami cosplays evah!

A’ight, ya’ll. I need you to understand this. I need you to understand my joy, ‘kay? ‘Kay. A newly remastered Sailor Moon R: The Movie is being released in theaters on January. And, of course, the DVD/Blu-Ray dub will be released after that. Ya’ll…the Sailor Moon R: The Movie is my favorite ever of all the Sailor Moon movies. I damn well may not be able to see it in theaters and so will only get the DVD, but holy shit, am I happy and excited!!! –SQUEEE!!!-

Toni Morrison’s essay on the sociocultural and sociopolitical climate of Trump’s supporters, Mourning for Whiteness, is painfully spot on. Painfully. I deeply love and adore every single thing about Toni Morrison and this is the latest. TW: White supremacist violence, Trump Turd

If only Nick Kids could’ve picked the President of the United States of America. Shit, it’s a pretty damn good picture, too.

Billie Joe Armstrong (remember Green Day?) on the Trump Turd and the media’s role in his rise. TW: Trump Turd

This kitty cat looks like a good luck charm.

Beautiful. Black. Angel. That is all.

The Royal Portuguese Reading Room is everything that I love about beautiful old libraries. Beautiful old library is beautiful. Yes, indeedy!

What everyone fears Superman’s to-do list is vs. what Superman’s actual to-do list is.

Friends, indulge yourself in hearing the cutest purr in the world! And some even speculate that the sound this wittle, precious, 7-year-old kitty cat makes may not even be actual purring, but a special sound. Either way, ‘tis wonderful!

Dijda know that giant tarantulas keep itty bitty frogs as pets? Teehee!

Simply incredible Aang-Korra fan art. Wowza, just…wowza.

Ya’ll know that Peter Parker and Mary Jane Watson-Parker have a lil daughter in this comic? Her name is Annie and this is comic is known as “The Adventures of Spider-Dad”. I love Spiderman and stories about dads with their children in general, and so this was right up my alley! I’ve re-read it probably three times, teehee!

Give up all the wedding congratulations for David and Johnathan, two gay Orthodox Jewish men who happily tied the knot! So, so very happy for them!

The White House photographer Pete Souza has shot more than 2 million photos of President Barack Obama and his family. Here are some of his favorites. Ahh, Obama…don’t leave us. Don’t play us like this…please…

Michelle Obama for Vogue magazine. Lord, am I glad to share a demographic with her. Jesus Christ almighty in heaven.

And speaking of our First Lady, Michelle Obama did the mannequin challenge and it. Was. Epic.

What a young Obama, Bernie, Hillary, and Joe looked like. Now…we all done knew that Obama was fine in his youth (and fuck it, he’s fine now). But take a look at that picture of a young Joe Biden. Good lord, he was a fine white boy! And fast forward decades later and he’s the vice president to a fine president…like keeps with like, huh?

Also, have some delightful Obama-Biden memes. They may be all that save us. TW: Trump Turd, mention of drugs

Adoracute fan art of all the many, wonderful uses for Captain America’s shield!

Have some more adoracute, my friends: in Germany, a cat comes to rescue stressed-out university students with some cuddles. Ahh, such beauty here.

Black women are beautiful. We are everything.

The only kind of Ariel from Disney’s The Little Mermaid that we needed, but never deserved. Lord have mercy.

Happy wedding day is happy wedding day!

Italian pastry chef Matteo Stucchi creates whimsical and delicious look miniature worlds made from desserts and miniature figurines. Gah, I don’t know if I should say this is all delicious or simply adorable! –SQUEE!!- TW: food

This kitty cat wants to sleep and hug their human at the same time. Such sweet, sweet love and innocence.

If Obama were a superhero of the Green Lantern mythos…and what kind of lantern he’d embody…yes. Yes, yes, yes, yes.

When Star Blossom met Wonder Woman? None of us were prepared with tissues ready.

Heartwarming Korrasami fan art!

When cats do their eye thang. Yep.

Beautiful FinnPoe fan art!

Badass space prince!Finn is awesome as fuck.

Ahh, Vine.

A’ight, look. Beyoncé done did all of this for ya’ll, and that Trump Turd is still up there, stankin’ up Obama’s house. C’mon now, universe…c’mon, now.

But at least we have Cicely Tyson, yes? I absolutely adore the way her hair is done in this photo!

The awesome chef Gok Wan flirting shamelessly with the equally-awesome chef Gordon Ramsey…and Gordon Ramsey is just blushing like a school kid the whole time. My goodness. I’ve been warned that if you listen to this video while being on another tab, well…it’s everything and then some. Yes, indeedy. TW: food

What I done been sayin’ about a true Sailor Moon vs. Goku fight all of my childhood. Y’hear me? All of my fuckin’ childhood.

Funny dog snapchats! Teeheeeeee!

Simply stunning fashion illustrations composed with nail polish by Chan Clayrene. Big, pwetty dresses are big, pwetty dresses.

Um. “Galaxy Mirror Glaze Cake” by My Little Cakes. ‘Tis every bit as delicious and awesome as you imagine. TW: food

Untranslatable, beautiful French idioms. I took all the way up to French 3 in high school. I love and enjoy the French language and I hope to one day pick up the language again so that I can truly be fluent…at least enough to be able to comfortably read in French, y’know? So I treasure having found these idioms.

Here is the story of a rescue pit bull getting his own kitty and loving her like a daughter. ‘Nuff said.

A tiger and a lion snuggling and cuddling. The world needs more of this kind of thing for sure.

The cast of ATLA dressed up as other characters for Halloween. I especially think that Ozai’s Angels (Azula, Mai, & Ty Lee) are wearing spot on costumes for their characters!

Simply gorgeous photos of Vienna Austria!

Have 12 amazing facts about elephants! –SQUEE!!-

“I hope to work for you one day when I get out.” Dear god in heaven, I ain’t laughed this hard in a minute. I swear…

Absolutely surrealistic portraits of Disney villains. I especially love that they kept Ursula fabulously fat, Frollo old and dusty as shit, and Jafar nice and dark-skinned. Yep, yep!

Something that all of us native English speakers…know, but don’t know that we know. My goodness.

Ladies, if you got a male partner that demands a “man cave”? This is how you deal with them fuckers.

Get out your wedding congratulations again! Rather than waiting for the Chinese government to recognize their right to marry, Teresa Xu and Li Tingting held an informal ceremony in Beijing in June 2015. –SQUEE!!!-

Watch what this pet shop owner’s dog does to every customer that walks in. Gah, it’s so pure, sweet, and innocent! We humans do not deserve the beautiful grace that is dogs!

Beautiful fan casts for the Young Justice characters. It’s chock full of people of color! –SQUEE!!-

When Beyoncé done went and killed every single cracker at the CMAs and they thanked her. Y’heard me? They thanked her.

Black!Mary Jane and Peter Parker gif edits. My life…is complete.

Much-needed words of encouragement from one cat friend to another.

And this time, words of encouragement to say to yourself when the going is tough!

Teeny, swirling owl in water is adorable!!

On November 4th, 2008…wasn’t that the fuckin’ day?

The correct and proper Doctor Strange we all should’ve had, but never got. TW: anti-Asian racism

The most wonderful Dorothy and the Cowardly Lion you’ve ever seen in your life.

Bruno Mars on Beyoncé. TW: mention of food & dieting

Gif sets of the phenomenal ice skater Yuna Kim. Done told ya’ll that I love the shit outta ice staking.

Soft, beautiful black woman art of a black woman with her young child. Love, love, love it.

Incredible, haunting art of grieving mermaid sisters.

Beyoncé as an iconic black Barbie doll for Halloween!

The three women who founded Black Lives Matter were just honored by glamour!! Get it, fellow black ladies! Getcho credit for all the shit you start and uphold!

This adorable wittle kitty just wants to cuddle on their human!

Valhalla’s welcoming of any and all people that have died. TW: mention of domestic violence, alcoholism, cancer, death

This is an About Me in regards to me and Mommy.

I. Want. This. Teacup.

I. Want. These. Opera. Glasses.

Meet this bad ass squad of young female skaters from Long Beach! Wooo, get it ladies!!

This piano number. Is. Everything.

How it went down at the White House on Halloween! Delightful! Simply delightful! Imma miss the Obama’s something fierce when they leave. We ain’t never had another one like this nor will we ever have one in the future, I swear. Obama knows how to talk to the babies for sure.

On that Halloween, by the way, from the President and First Lady themselves, you may have candy on that day! Teehee!

And guess who Shonda Rhimes was for Halloween. Yas, darlin’, yas!

Then, guess who Bey, Blue, and Mrs. Tina were for Halloween! –SQUEE!!-

And okay, it ain’t Halloween anymore…but water. Marbled. Pumpkins. These are everything.

Ever wondered what a myosin protein dragging an endorphin along a filament to the inner part of the brain’s parietal cortex which creates happiness looks like? Well, now you do! And holy shit it is incredible. Ya’ll, your body loves you so, so very much. I can’t even.

If the Grim Reaper were to cuddle and pet a cat, they’d do it like this. Yes.

Your daily debunking of diet culture and fatphobia! Ahhh, now if only this was mainstream knowledge and culture. TW: diet culture, fatphobia

Simply beautiful, adorable fan arts of Gomez Addams and Wednesday Addams doing father-daughter things together. Love it.

Beyoncé gave us this message before that disastrous Tuesday night. But…it helped comfort and inspire me then, and it helps comfort and inspire me now. It’s still true; it’s still valid. We are not helpless.

Much-needed masturbation hacks for us vagina owners! Unfortunately for those of us in the U.S, I bet that most of us have heard of less than half of these tricks thanks to the delightful state of sex education in this country. Haha…hah…hah. NSFW

How they be making them swirly-worly lollipops.Holy shit, this is magic. TW: food

Rain. That is all.

The fuck kinda surrealistic art? This some kind of witchcraft for sure. My god…

Lewis Black on the preposterousness narrative that the Trump Turd is an excellent business man. Simultaneously hilarious and spot on. Just spot on. TW: Trump Turd

If you have a pet snake (AKA “noodle”), this may be how they feel when you take away their pool to clean it out. D’aaaw, the wittle ones!

The only Elsa and Anna we ever needed.

“Just keep your eye on the ball, son.” Nyahahaha! How adorable!!

Racebent fancasts of the MCU!Avengers. I love, love, love.

Ahhh, the hare and the turtle…teeheee!

I want this necklace. I want it yesterday.

Please meet and appreciate Dr. Flossie Wong-Staal. She is the virologist and molecular biologist who was the first to clone HIV and determine the function of its genes. And most of us ain’t never heard her name until now. Wow, just…fucking wow. Ya’ll give it up.

Now, see, if all the elves in Tolkien’s Lord of the Rings series looked like this, I just might be able to get into it.

Domestic, happy Disney femslash featuring Tiana. That is all.

I absolutely love these soft, gentle portraits of black women. I feel that they represent my own experiences in life of being a black woman and they most certainly combat misogynoirist constrictions that violently insist that we cannot be soft and gentle. Just…yeah. I love this shit.

“The fuck is this? The fuck is that? The fuck is you?” Nyahahaha!

Science finally supports that we are all born as blank slates and gender is merely a construct. ‘Bout damn fuckin’ time.

Ya’ll know what’s happening in comics? Specifically the Sam Wilson!Cap comics? Yes, Sam Wilson and Misty Knight are a black couple in love. They be teasin’. They be ‘sparrin’. They be fuckin’. And it’s glorious!!!

Say, if you’re into astrology/zodiac signs? D’you like and identify with your moon sign? I’m a Libra and, yeah, I identify pretty strongly with my Libra moon. ‘Tis awesome sauce for all of us, really.

Ahhh, this picture gives all the right Autumn feelz for sure.

Say, ever wondered what color mirrors actually are? Well, here ya go!

A truly iconic picture of Obama.

In which land dog meets water dog! Ahhh, so much adorable cuddliness!

Riddle this: why did the dinosaurs flee Europe? Nyahahahahaha!!!

Another riddle! If white folks love Ouija boards so much, then what should they do instead? Nyahahahahahaha!!!

Have some Rosario Dawson throwing hearts and air kisses to Simone Missick at the Luke Cage premiere! Teehee!

Making a rose out of carefully, thinly-sliced strawberries. I shit you not. TW: food

The complete series of The Legend of Korra will be out on DVD and Blue-Ray on December 13th! Wooooooooo!!

How Wonder Woman, Superman, and Batman get around. Teehee!

If I ever bumped into Sebastian Stan like this, I’d just…faint straight to the floor. And I don’t even drink.

Awesome ATLA fan art of the Avatars!

Here’s a kitten dressed as a bat to brighten up your day!

McDonalds in the hood after midnight. LOLOL!

Ain’t I told you that black women are so beautiful? Ain’t I? Slightly NSFW

Yeah, I’d feel like this if my beloved skeleton proposed to me before they went off to the skeleton war, too.

Here’s Latoya Peterson counseling on how to negotiate your salary. Much-needed advice, indeed.

A hilarious light-hearted comic on what could happen if an incubi is summoned by an asexual person. So much cutesiness that it’s hard to handle!

My mayo baby, Chris Evans.

This story about a kind, compassionate bus driver has put me close to tears on several occasions. Warning, though: the text is white against a background of yellow, so it may be difficult to read unless you highlight it. But the story is absolutely worth it.

Paintings of black women and black girls in traditional Korean hanboks. –melts-

All of these are visually satisfying. TW: food

Last, but not least! Gentlemen? Those of you that have daughters and you’re worried about what kind of male partner they may bring home? And you’re fretting over how to show her what her standards should be? Be the example you want her to set her standards to. Live the example you want her to set her standards to.

Date: 2016-12-13 04:51 am (UTC)
azurelunatic: A glittery black pin badge with a blue holographic star in the middle. (Default)
From: [personal profile] azurelunatic
Your links are always so great! That's my evening's reading sorted! Thank you.

Date: 2016-12-13 05:09 am (UTC)
gehayi: (zoesmile (dodo31))
From: [personal profile] gehayi
Your links are amazing and awesome.

Also, do you know the Blue Lantern oath?

In fearful day, in raging night,
With strong hearts full, our souls ignite,
When all seems lost in the War of Light,
Look to the stars-- For hope burns bright!

Date: 2016-12-13 02:36 pm (UTC)
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From: [personal profile] jennaria
Psst. Yuri On Ice is available on Crunchyroll, for free (week lag-time on latest episode, because they gotta try to persuade you to pay somehow).

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